How do I contact the Lockheed Martin P2P Helpdesk?

LMP2P Helpdesk 863-647-0558
Monday - Thursday
11 AM to 4 PM Eastern


What do I need to provide the LM P2P Helpdesk upon calling for invoice status or any other questions related to my company?

  • The 9 or 10 digit Vendor Number (PLM_______) that was provided to your company @ registration of setting up a Full Vendor Profile.  This number was provided in an email to your administrator.
  •  A valid LM PO #, invoice #, and dollar amount so that we can search the system for your invoice and provide accurate status.


Where do I return a "Lockheed Martin" check that does not belong to my company?

Lockheed Martin
Enterprise Business Services
PO Box 33010
Lakeland, FL 33807-3010


Where do I send my company refund check if my company has a balance due to Lockheed Martin or has received a duplicate payment?  

Lockheed Martin
PO Box 93921
Chicago, IL 60673-3921


What is Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS)?

  • Items delivered by supplier are received into Lockheed Martin's system
  • Receiving transaction creates a payable entry to the Accounts Payable system
  • Accounts Payable system makes payment on due date according to Purchase Order terms

    Please do not submit a paper invoice to Lockheed Martin for ERS orders.


What is the process for generating ERS Invoice numbers?

ERS Invoice numbers are systematically generated and will not match your company invoice number. In general, Packing Slip numbers are used if available.

Payment details are only available on the Lockheed Martin "Paid/Unpaid" report.


What is an Electronic Funds Transfer Payment?

Lockheed Martin's standard method of payment is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). An electronic funds file will be transmitted on due date of invoice and should be available in your account within two business days. Lockheed Martin supplies your bank with remittance details, which include the purchase order number, invoice number/reference # and dollar amount. You must verify that your bank will provide you with these payment details and also that your account accepts EFT.

Payment details are also available on the Lockheed Martin "Paid/Unpaid" report and the Vendor Portal Web Board (as long as the payments aren’t ERS).


How can I sign up to receive Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) directly to my bank account?

You will need to update your vendor profile thru Exostar and change your payment type to ACH (1st box)


What is the Lockheed Martin "Paid/Unpaid" Report?  Lockheed Martin currently sends out two reports – one for SAP and one for APOLLO.

• Daily email notification regarding paid, scheduled, and discrepant invoices
• Contains invoice discrepancy reason(s) and resolutions. (If applicable – see legend on the front of the email)


How do I sign up for the Lockheed Martin "Paid/Unpaid" Report? 

Complete the Paid/Unpaid Report Request form with the following information.
• 7 digit Supplier Code (ex: AB00001) or the 9 digit Vendor Number (ex: LM_ _ _ _ _ _ _- some may be PLM_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (10 digits)
• Email Address
• Company Name
• Contact Name
• Contact Phone Number


What does “AP Processing” discrepancy reason mean on my SAP P2P Unpaid Report?

There is no action on the vendor’s part to clear these invoices for payment.  Lakeland AP will take care of the Invoices and set them up to pay out based on the terms.  All other discrepancy reasons are explained on the Legend of the email. 


How do I contact the Lockheed Martin Buyer?

Buyer contact information can be found in DCI.


What happens if I have a net balance due to Lockheed Martin? 

Until this is cleared or the balance has been absorbed, it will hold up pending payments to all divisions of your company.


Can payment terms be changed?

Payments terms are made in accordance with the Lockheed Martin Purchase Order. Any deviations to Payment terms must be submitted to the Lockheed Martin Buyer listed on the Purchase Order for further approval.


Why was a discount taken on my payment?

Either the Purchase Order was setup for a discount or your company offered a discount on the face of the invoice. Should you feel the discount was taken in error, please contact the Lockheed Martin Buyer listed on the Purchase Order.

Terms begin upon receipt of a valid invoice in Accounts Payable.


Invoice Discrepancy Definitions & Contacts: NOTE:  This applies to the APOLLO unpaid report.

Only contact the Lockheed Martin P2P Helpdesk if:

• Invoice is held up due to Unit Price or Funding errors and you are willing to be "short paid".

The following error messages require no action on your part as Lockheed Martin P2P Helpdesk is aware of and will take corrective action for the following: This applies to the APOLLO unpaid report.

AP action - item out of balance

Currency Mismatch Parent supplier not on file
Unable to distribute charge Invalid Invoice Currency Remit address on hold
Invalid pass schedule pay date No Exchange Rate Remit address not on file
ERS Remit missing AP action tax code 4 Supplier Parent on hold
Chrg not on PO (PC 3,6,7,8) Invalid Exchange Rate Parent supplier has been deleted
init load fix: distr deleted AP action - out of balance Address has been deleted
SLS invoice matched to CPS PO    


Why was freight not paid?

  • The Lockheed Martin Purchase Order was not set up to pay freight. NOTE:  For P2P, freight charges are listed as conditions.    If no conditions on the PO, the buyer didn’t code the PO to pay freight.
  • Freight Value exceeds Purchase Order allotment – APOLLO only
  • Proof of Delivery or Way Bill may be required – APOLLO only
  • Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS), i.e., invoiceless Purchase Orders are always freight collect. APOLLO only

    Contact the Lockheed Martin Buyer listed on the PO for any of the above conditions.


Why was tax not paid?

  • The Purchase Order was not set up to pay tax to your company.
  • The tax was accrued and paid to the applicable state. The tax percentage invoiced by your company may not have agreed with the tax percentage on Lockheed Martin's Purchase Order.

    Contact the Lockheed Martin Buyer listed on the PO for any of the above conditions.


What does PO Line 999 or invalid line item # indicate?

  • Invoice billed did not reference specific Purchase Order line item number provided on PO or the number that was provided doesn’t match the Purchase Order Line Item Number(s).

    Please refer to the LM PO for identification of proper line item.

  • If the “PO Line” column on the report has a “999” or is blank in the box, you must re-submit an invoice with a valid Line item # that matches the Purchase Order Line Item #.  If no lines are referenced, the invoice will get rejected.


What does "Negative Referral" indicate?

  • Optional Lockheed Martin Approval.

    No action is required, invoice will automatically pay unless the site POC approver has taken action to reject payment before the specified due date.

    If "Negative Referral" was rejected, example "Neg Referral rejected by buyer", then the invoice record becomes a regular discrepancy transaction and will be routed for approval.

What does "Pay Code" indicate? (On the APOLLO report only)

  • POs are assigned a Pay Code at the Line Item level. Refer to the table below for the Pay Code definition and associated requirements.
Code Definition Requirements
1 Non-Receivable Buyer & Requestor approval
2 Non-Receivable Buyer approval
3 Receivable Receiving required - no approval necessary - 0% over shipment Allowed
4 Non-Receivable - (Account Distribution Change Allowed) Requestor approval - special approval for service orders & rentals
5 Non-Receivable Requestor approval - P&E approval required
5B Non-Receivable Buyer approval
6 Receivable Receiving required
7 Receivable Receiving required
8 Receivable Receiving required
9 Progress Billing Approval Required Finance/Buyer approval
9A Advance Payment to Supplier on Material Line with Unit Price Finance/Buyer approval
A Non-Receivable Requestor approval
F Forced Approval - receivable or non-receivable Buyer or Requestor approval based on site set up
J Pay anyway No longer valid
M Milestone Payment Finance approval
NP Non-PO type flag Finance approval - Cost Review Verification - Not entered into CPS
P Property Management No approval required - CPS only
P2 Comm Line No approval required - CPS only
R1 Recurring Invoiceless Approval required
R2 Recurring Invoiceless No approval required
R3 Recurring Invoice Approval required - requires invoice
R4 Recurring Invoice No approval required - requires invoice
R5 Invoiceless Receivable Receiving and Requestor approval required
R6 Invoiceless Receivable Receiving required - no approval required
S Subcontract Labor Pre-approved when manager approves time and attendance


Can anyone within a vendor’s company sign into the vendor portal and check invoice status and/or create invoices through DCI?        

Anyone within a supplier company can access DCI to create invoices, check invoice status and check payment status. You must have a P2P role called “Order Processor” in order to see/access the DCI link. Your company’s ORG ADM can assign this access to you if you do not have it.


Payment Methods - what do they mean?

  • A = ACH/EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • C = Check
  • W = Wire
  • B = Autowire

If you see any other methods that aren't listed above, please call the P2P Helpdesk for further assistance.


What do the “statuses” indicate?

  • Draft =  Means you have started to submit an invoice but never submitted it
  • Received  =  Means you have submitted the transaction and AP will receive the document within 90 minutes
  • Approved = LM approved it and it’s waiting to be paid
  • Discrepant  =  Click on the invoice # to read the discrepancy listed in red at the top and follow resolution
  • Rejected  =   Invoice will not be paid, send email to AP through dialog feature for rejection reason
  • Paid =  Invoice was paid.  Click on the invoice # to locate the payment details under “related documents”


How do I create an invoice into DCI?

Please log into the LM Portal to access the DCI home page. Once you reach the DCI home page, you will notice a section called “Getting Started”. These are great tutorials to help explain how to navigate through DCI.


How do I send an email to Accounts Payable through DCI?

Under the “Getting Started” section on the DCI home page, there is a step by step tutorial on “How to Create a Dialog Message” to AP regarding a specific invoice transaction. There is also one on “How to Reply”.


How do I check status of an invoice in DCI?

Under the “Getting Started” section on the DCI home page, there is a step by step tutorial on “How to Search for an Invoice."


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