2022 NAICS Codes Now Reflected in Exostar TPM Profile

2022 NAICS Codes Now Available for Self-Certification

March 20, 2023

Effective March 6, Lockheed Martin suppliers are now able  to certify against 2022 NAICS codes, while keeping 2017 values for prior purchase orders issued.

When updating your Exostar TPM profile, please have an Organization Admin enter all 2022 NAICS codes applicable to the business your company works in, along with your size-specific to each code selected, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA) size standard, for each entry.

Lockheed Martin assigns NAICS codes to all new solicitations and procurements according to FAR 52.219-9(d)(3) and (e)(7). Suppliers who wish to respond to the solicitations will need to be able to perform in that NAICS code and should enter the NAICS code and their size certification according to SBA size standards in the Exostar system.

If a small business supplier does not have the NAICS code we have identified in new solicitations and procurements in their Exostar TPM profile, they cannot be counted as small for that procurement. The team will monitor supplier adherence to this guidance and those that do not apply updates will potentially be expired to force such changes.If you have additional questions, please contact us.