External Integration Hub

External Integration Hub


April 26, 2024

What is the External Integration Hub?

The External Integration Hub (EIH) is a new collaborative content management and integration platform that will enable seamless business interactions between Lockheed Martin and its suppliers, customers, and partners. EIH elevates the user experience by providing a centralized platform that offers secure integration and streamlined access to a diverse array of products, services, and capabilities. To ensure maximum efficiency, the External Integration Hub will be the primary gateway for access to Lockheed Martin tools, applications, and content.

What capabilities does the External Integration Hub offer or will offer in the future?



In addition to these core capabilities, Lockheed Martin’s ongoing commitment involves continually incorporating new capabilities while leveraging your feedback and insights to further enhance EIH.

What can you gain from using the External Integration Hub?

EIH will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business interactions with Lockheed Martin by:

  • Enabling a common and consistent user experience by providing a central point of entry to the diverse ecosystem of Lockheed Martin products, capabilities, and services including a SAP Ariba Business Network tile and training
  • Providing common integrated solutions for secure data exchange, workflows, business process automations, and more
  • Forging more efficient collaborations with each of the Lockheed Martin business areas
  • In the future, the ability for customizable user dashboards that enable on demand, self-service analytics to be created

How can I learn more about the External Integration Hub?

Please visit the EIH FAQ page where you will find more information including a video that highlights key features of EIH.

How can I access the External Integration Hub?

To access EIH, suppliers, customers, and partners are being onboarded through a wave plan. Communications will be sent as your designated wave period approached. These communications will provide guidance to prepare you for the onboarding and will offer training to ensure you can make the most of the capabilities within EIH.