Aerospace and Defense Substance Reporting Tool

Aerospace and Defense Substance Reporting Tool

March 12, 2024

Lockheed Martin depends upon a broad, diverse, and global supply chain to deliver innovative solutions and products that enable our Customers to meet their missions. Existing and emerging global chemical regulations require Lockheed Martin to have insight into the chemical composition of the products we buy from our supply base.

The member companies of International Aerospace Environmental Group (IAEG) have collaborated to create the IAEG Aerospace & Defense Substance Reporting Tool (AD-SRT) which enables universal declaration of substances used to produce a final deliverable product and exchange the information between companies.

Lockheed Martin has adopted the use of the AD-SRT. Moving forward, Lockheed Martin may request Manufacturers, Distributors, and Formulators to submit an AD-SRT as a future deliverable to assist in understanding the chemical composition of our products. Below, is a link to the AD-SRT which provides instructions on how to complete the form should you be requested to so in the future. AD-SRT data fields highlighted with an asterisk are mandatory.

As a supplier to Lockheed Martin, our corporate terms and conditions outline requirements for providing data on the presence of chemical substances and also stipulate that “…in the performance of this Contract, [suppliers] shall comply with all applicable chemical substance laws and/or regulations”. If your company is included in future substance declaration requests, your complete response is essential to meeting both requirements.

For more information on the substance reporting tool select the link below or contact the REACH office with questions.