Lockheed Martin Supply Chain Sustainability Case Competition

Academic Outreach

Lockheed Martin's Sustainability Inaugural Event

Lockheed Martin is hosting its inaugural Supply Chain Sustainability Case Competition. This new annual event will bring together students from leading colleges and universities to apply and expand their knowledge of sustainability, global supply chain and risk management.

Starting Strong

For 2022, the case competition will focus on ‘Preparing Small Businesses for the next Disruptive Event’. This will provide students an opportunity to make an impact by offering innovative small businesses solutions. Judging the team ideas will be a panel comprised of both Lockheed Martin Supply Chain and Sustainability leaders, along with some of our Small Business Mentor Protégés. Winning ideas will shape the future of addressing vulnerabilities and minimizing disruptions from sustainability-related events and conditions.

Key Benefits:

  • Hands-on opportunity to solve current supply chain sustainability challenges
  • Engage with Lockheed Martin executives and subject matter experts
  • Gain insight to the role of small businesses
  • Awards and recognition

Importance of Small Business Relations

A key differentiator for our success depends on a strong supply chain and small businesses. Small businesses enhance competition, create economic growth and support company diversity goals and principles. We especially value the agility, ingenuity and new perspectives that we gain when partnering with small businesses to solve our customers’ complex challenges.


  • Teams: One Faculty Advisor and three undergraduate juniors (Sustainability, SCM, Engineering, Business majors with interest in Sustainability). Each school can register a maximum of two teams.
  • Schools: Georgia Tech, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Penn State University, Purdue University, Texas A&M University, University of Maryland, Michigan University, Tennessee University
  • Teams will be provided the case study two weeks in advance
  • Deadline to register is September 19, 2022
Sustainability inspires us as corporate citizens and signals our values in all we do to keep the aerospace supply chain a strong foundation for continued growth and success. Creating an annual event to bring the brightest minds together to tackle the sustainability challenges that face our industry is one way we can accelerate progress and make an impact.
Chris Stone
Vice President of Supply Chain

2022 Results

In October, Lockheed Martin Global Supply Chain Operations (GSCO) hosted the inaugural Supply Chain Sustainability Case Competition. This year’s event was centered around ‘Preparing Small Businesses for the next Disruptive Event’. This event provided college students an opportunity to make an impact by offering small businesses innovative solutions, as well as learning about various jobs within Lockheed Martin that signal our values through sustainability.

We were fortunate enough to have representatives from our Small Business Mentor Protégés that were able to provide a small business perspective while gaining innovative business solutions from the students.

The event concluded with awarding the Purdue Solutions team with delivering a first-place presentation that showcased a suite of solutions based on the small business and supply chain knowledge gained in the first day. Team members included Gabriel Segura, Isha Gupta, Arjith Jegan, and their Faculty Advisor, Bob Paden. The team proposed a solution with three key competencies that a small business should possess:

  1. A strong understanding of sanctions, risk areas, concerns clients and suppliers may face.
  2. Exceptional relationships with clients built on clear, consistent communication and trust.
  3. A reliable, ethically-focused distribution system

The participants shared that a highlight of the competition was the networking session where they had the chance to hear from Lockheed Martin professionals with exciting and innovative jobs that touch on sustainability. Students expressed walking away with a new and heightened perspective on what Lockheed Martin, the GSCO internship program, and the sustainability team has to offer. The next Supply Chain Sustainability Case Competition will focus on another critical Environmental, Social and Governance aspect facing our industry and Lockheed Martin will welcome additional students and colleges from across the nation to make an impact.