Hypersage accelerates the delivery of advanced 21st Century Security capabilities and integration of digital technologies directly to the flightline. This is achieved through real-time access to data and expertise delivered over advanced networks and presented on a wide range of digital visualization capabilities. In the modern world, the multi-capable maintainer will play an even more pivotal role in generating persistent mission readiness in any environment. Lockheed Martin’s Hypersage enables maintainers at the point of need, resulting in improved mission readiness to keep those we serve Ahead of Ready.



Remote Collaboration

Advanced connectivity enables instant engagement with subject matter experts through video conferencing coupled with collaborative illustrations and data sharing.

  • Remotely see what the maintainer sees
  • Multiple subject matter experts can support simultaneously
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Connect Maintainers with Real Time Data

Collect, retrieve, and share fleet data from a smart device.

  • Create or search cases based on customer feedback
  • Research pertinent maintenance and supply information
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Integrated Electronic Technical Data

Based on International S1000D spec with fast and powerful integrated database and viewer technology.

  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Interactive wiring diagrams
  • Option for neural machine translation
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Advanced Fleet Support

Out-of-the-box fleet management solution enables operational planning/execution and provides sustainment analytics with live and forecasted force performance.

  • Full logistics information system capability
  • Advanced data analytics and what-if scenarios
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Maintenance, Artificial Intelligence & Decision Support System

Centralizes information, enhancing decision making at the maintainer's fingertips.

  • Exploits digital and model-based systems engineering
  • Mobile device cast to mixed reality
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Mixed Reality/3D Integration

Mixed reality enables enhanced and rapid troubleshooting, directly reducing downtime of combat assets.

  • Interactive visuals provide step-based 3D work instructions
  • Augmented reality enables enhanced training, retrofit, and repair
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