Montreal, Canada

The Montreal, Quebec Code Quest will not be held for the 2021 competition:

Lockheed Martin Canada RMS
7171 Cote-Vertu Ouest
St-Laurent, Qc , Canada

H4S 1Z3

  • Maximum number of participants on each team is 3 plus one coach.
  • Students and coaches may be of any nationality; exchange students are welcome.
  • Coaches can be a teacher, parent or a lead of a STEM program. Coaches will serve as chaperones at the event and can be the coach of multiple teams representing one school.
  • Teams must bring their own equipment for the challenge; laptops, tablets, etc.
  • All external equipment will be vetted and approved by Security prior to arrival; please coordinate with the site lead
  • All teams will register at the Novice level
  • Full legal names are required for Coaches and Students attending and valid ID must be shown upon entrance to the site. (School IDs are approved)
  • All attendees must sign a Photo Release form.
  • For further details or clarification on rules and regulations please click on the Official Rules link.

Code Quest 2022

Code Quest took place virtually on Saturday, April 30th, 2022.

2022 locations:

Aguadilla, PR
Ampthill, UK (Combined U.K. Event)
Arlington, VA (Combined WMA Event)
Australia/Singapore/New Zealand (Combined APAC Event)
Bethesda, MD (Combined WMA Event)
Dallas (Grand Prairie), TX (Combined TX Event)
Denver/Colorado Springs, CO (Combined Event)
Fort Worth, TX (Combined TX Event)
Greenville, SC (Combined Unaffiliated Virtual U.S. Event)
Hanover, MD (Combined WMA Event)
Houston (Clear Lake), TX (Combined TX Event)
Huntsville, AL (Combined Unaffiliated Virtual U.S. Event)
King of Prussia, PA
Marietta, GA
Mielec, PL 
Moorestown, NJ (combined NJ - NY event)
Orlando, FL
Owego/Syracuse, NY (combined NJ - NY event)
Palmdale, CA (Combined CA Event)
Stratford, CT
Sunnyvale, CA (Combined CA Event)
Whiteley, UK (Combined U.K. Event)

Contact Code Quest:
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please email Code Quest at