Code Quest, Montreal, Canada

Montreal, Canada

The Montreal, Quebec Code Quest will not be held for the 2021 competition:

Lockheed Martin Canada RMS
7171 Cote-Vertu Ouest
St-Laurent, Qc , Canada

H4S 1Z3

  • Maximum number of participants on each team is 3 plus one coach.
  • Students and coaches may be of any nationality; exchange students are welcome.
  • Coaches can be a teacher, parent or a lead of a STEM program. Coaches will serve as chaperones at the event and can be the coach of multiple teams representing one school.
  • Teams must bring their own equipment for the challenge; laptops, tablets, etc.
  • All external equipment will be vetted and approved by Security prior to arrival; please coordinate with the site lead
  • All teams will register at the Novice level
  • Full legal names are required for Coaches and Students attending and valid ID must be shown upon entrance to the site. (School IDs are approved)
  • All attendees must sign a Photo Release form.
  • For further details or clarification on rules and regulations please click on the Official Rules link.

For a complete list of eligibility requirements see the Official Rules

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Full legal names are required for coaches and students

Download Release Forms: