Lockheed Martin CYBERQUEST® Competition


Photos from the 2023 competition found here.

Please check out the Lockheed Martin STEM and Vocational Scholarship Programs. Application Deadline is April 1, 2024 at 3:00pm CT for both programs.

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CYBERQUEST®  is Lockheed Martin's annual high school cyber competition held across numerous sites. The goal of the competition is to encourage high school students to pursue careers in cybersecurity.

During the 3-hour competition, teams of students work together to solve cybersecurity challenges. CYBERQUEST®  is a cloud-based competition that includes problems created by Lockheed Martin cybersecurity engineers. The Capture the Flag (CTF) format includes multi-step intrusion scenario, steganography, reverse engineering, full OS hacks, packet capture, web exploits, social engineering, and cybersecurity awareness.

This year’s CYBERQUEST® event will be held on March 23, 2024. CYBERQUEST® will be in person at Lockheed Martin facilities as well as virtual events.

General registration opens January 3, 2024. Register for the CYBERQUEST®  Competition here: https://registration.lmcodequestacademy.com/

We look forward to your participation this year. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at cyberquest.info@lmco.com.

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Lockheed Martin CYBERQUEST® Competition Event

2024 In-Person Locations

Aguadilla, PR
Bethesda, MD
Dartmouth NS, Canada
Denver, CO
Fort Worth, TX
Hanover, MD
King of Prussia, PA
Marietta, GA
Mielec, PL
Moorestown, NJ
Orlando, FL
Stratford, CT
Gloucester, UK

2024 Virtual Locations

U.S. Virtual

For additional information,
please email the cyberquest.info@lmco.com