Goldendale, Washington


Martin Marietta operated the aluminum reduction plant, located beside the John Day Dam near the Columbia River, until it sold the property in 1985. Several landfills and waste ponds used to manage plant wastes were included in the transfer.  When the new owner ceased operations in 2003 and later demolished the plant, the landfills and waste ponds became the focus of investigation and cleanup activities. 


Lockheed Martin closed one site in place in 1987 and voluntarily removed waste from two former waste management ponds between 2008 and 2012. The new owners likewise closed two landfills formerly used to manage plant wastes. Lockheed Martin sought regulatory agency approval for the voluntary cleanup actions, which resulted in the regulatory agency issuing an Agreed Order to Lockheed Martin and the current owner in 2014.

We also participate in civic organization meetings and community activities, to demonstrate to residents that we continue to stand by our commitment to their community.

Site-wide Investigation and Cleanup Decision

The 2014 Agreed Order directed Lockheed Martin and the current owner to investigate all former landfills, waste ponds, and potentially contaminated areas at the site, culminating in a regulatory agency issued Cleanup Decision.  After regulatory approval of the investigation work plan, site investigations occurred in 2017 and 2018.  After the remedial investigation report is submitted in 2019, a Feasibility Study to evaluate cleanup alternatives will be completed in 2020. We anticipate regulatory issuance of the Cleanup Action Plan in late 2020, after which remedial design and construction will be performed. 

Stakeholder Engagement

The Yakama Tribe has fishing rights on the adjacent Columbia River.  Lockheed Martin has entered into an agreement with the Yakama Tribe to coordinate investigation and cleanup activities, in recognition of the Tribe’s rights in the area. Lockheed Martin has hosted the Yakama Tribe on several on site inspections and has maintained transparency in its actions.  Lockheed Martin also coordinates with the Corps of Engineers on wetlands issues and Bonneville Power Authority, who has easement access for power lines on the property. 


Community Information

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