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Facilitator's Guide

Welcome to Ethics in Academics presented by Lockheed Martin. Here you will find a curated selection of video modules compiled from our catalog of ethics-related engagement activities that can be used as an educational resource in the classroom. We've also provided this Facilitator's Guide that provides an overview of the video scenarios and discussion starters as a companion to the items below.

These videos are intended to support and facilitate business ethics-related discussions in your college or university classroom. By accessing these videos, you agree not to download, reproduce, or distribute these Lockheed Martin-owned materials for any other purpose. When using these resources, please credit/acknowledge that Lockheed Martin is providing these videos to support academic business ethics curriculum. There is no fee for accessing these videos through the end of calendar year 2024 for the purposes expressed above.

Additional requests for access to these materials by Professors/Academic Instructors can be made by emailing: LM.EIE@lmco.com


Video Modules

Module One

"Dust Up"

Topics: Leadership Skills, Safety (Foreign Object Debris), Reporting Violations

Module Two

"Wheels on the Bus"

Topics: Unconscious Bias, Leadership Issues, Respect in the Workplace

Module Three

"Can You Believe These People?"

Topics: Political Affiliations, Politics, Respect in the Workplace

Module Four

"Not Enough Runway"

Topics: Age Discrimination/Bias, Document Falsification, Social Media

Module Five

"Don't Offend Our Hosts"

Topics: Labor Concerns, Human Trafficking, Conflict of Interest

Module Six

"Five Star Review"

Topics: Conflict of Interest, Hybrid/Flex Time, Reporting Misconduct

Module Seven

"It's a Trust Issue"

Topics: Safety; Program Integrity; Customer Relationships

Module Eight

"Tag, You're It"

Topics: Social Media, Proprietary Information, Misuse of Assets


Voicing Our Values Techniques

In each of these modules, several characters face ethical dilemmas. Effectively using the Voicing Our Values techniques could help them make the right decisions. With permission of the author, the techniques suggested for dealing with values conflicts are based on the book Giving Voice to Values: How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right, by Mary C. Gentile, New Haven: Yale University Press, 2010.  www.GivingVoiceToValuesTheBook.com


Voicing Our Values Techniques