Strengthening European Partnerships

For more than 70 years we have been a trusted partner to NATO and our European allies. Today’s security situation requires technology and programs that allow allies to work as one force and stay ahead of growing threats.

A Trusted Partner to Europe

20,000+ Jobs Across Europe
650+ Tier One Suppliers
4,000+ In Our Workforce

We’re building a network of European industrial partners to address this increasing demand. In addition to our workforce of almost 4,000, our current programs support more than 20,000 jobs across Europe. We have more than 650 tier-one suppliers in 26 European countries and in 2018 issued €4.9 billion worth of work across Europe.

Lockheed Martin technologies are a bridge that brings nations together and creates opportunities for allied nations to collaborate; strengthening national and economic security for generations to come.

Partnership for Protection

Lockheed Martin has been a strategic partner of the Bundeswehr and the German aerospace and defense industry for decades. 

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Creating Security and Prosperity

Our innovations and partnerships help solve some of the world’s most complex challenges, contributing to the UK’s defence, security and prosperity.

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Economic Impact
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Latest European News

Greece Moves Forward In Procurement Of UH-60M Black Hawk
Apr 05, 2024
Press Release
Letter of Offer and Acceptance Signed for 35 helicopters
Lockheed Martin and Navantia Ink New Memorandum of Agreement
Mar 15, 2024
Press Release
Lockheed Martin extends its collaboration agreement with Navantia, Spain’s national defense and shipbuilding company and Combat System Integration agent.
Sikorsky Finaliza Las Pruebas De Vuelo De Tres Helicópteros MH-60R De La Armada Helénica
Feb 07, 2024
Press Release
A Sikorsky, uma empresa da Lockheed Martin, concluiu os testes dos sistemas integrados de missão e sensores a bordo de três helicópteros MH-60R SEAHAWK® adquiridos pela Marinha Helênica.