Summary of Director Core Competencies

Directors’ Strategic Skills, Core Competencies and Attributes

The chart below illustrates how the directors individually and collectively represent the key skills and competencies that the Board has identified as valuable. Our directors possess familiarity with all of the skills and competencies set out below, and we have identified those areas where they demonstrate particular skills and competence. The chart also provides the personal attributes of the directors. Directors are listed by tenure in descending order from left to right. The chart does not include Mr. Akerson or Adm. Ellis who are not standing for reelection at the 2024 Annual Meeting.


We seek directors with strategic skills, core competencies and attributes that align with the Company’s business and mission

The core competencies and strategic skills that the Board values align with our mission and strategic objectives to Lead, Innovate, Drive and Grow to make 21st Century Security a reality. We believe the Board is more effective by collectively having a mix of these core competencies and strategic skills and these have been enhanced through recent refreshment and ongoing director development.



senior leadership
Senior Leadership Experience. All directors have senior leadership experience. We look to have a balance of directors with public company CEO leadership experience, public company CFO experience and other experience managing large, complex organizations.
cyber security
Cybersecurity Expertise. Directors with experience in cybersecurity, intelligence and data protection, including U.S. cybersecurity policy and the U.S. Government’s cybersecurity efforts and cybersecurity threats, contribute to the Board’s oversight of cybersecurity risks and digital transformation efforts.
financial expertise
Financial Expertise. All directors have the ability to understand financial statements. Directors who qualify as an “audit committee financial expert” have additional education and experience that enables them to provide additional oversight of financial statements and capital allocation decisions as well as important financial metrics in measuring our performance.
senior military
Senior Military / Government Experience. Directors with experience serving in senior military or government roles bring an important perspective; a background in managing large, complex diverse organizations and understanding of our customers and relevant policy issues.
Environment, Social and Governance Expertise.
Environment, Social and Governance Expertise. Directors with environment, social and governance experience, including employee safety and health, climate-related risks, political risks and cybersecurity, play an important role in the Board’s oversight of risks and the Company’s sustainability initiatives.






21st Century Security / Defense Industry Transformation
21st Century Security / Defense Industry Transformation. We are leading transformation in our industry to support our customers’ needs for rapid, advanced solutions to promote deterrence and address an evolving threat landscape and an agile, resilient defense industrial base. Our 21st Century Security strategy takes the best of defense and commercial technology and business practices to make forces agile, adaptive and unpredictable, so that they stay ready for any mission—today and in the future. Directors with experience in leading transformation in the defense, commercial and telecom sectors provide important perspectives as we execute industry partnerships and bring these sectors together to deliver transformational capabilities for national defense.
5G.MIL / Digital & Networking Open Architecture
5G.MIL / Digital & Networking Open Architecture. Lockheed Martin’s 5G.MIL solutions integrate military communications with tactical gateway capabilities and enhanced 5G technology to enable seamless, resilient and secure connectivity and data flow across all battlefield assets. Directors with industry experience or technological expertise contribute to an understanding of networkenabled technologies and open architectures to enable our 21st Century Security strategy.



AI, Autonomy, Advanced Comms, Hypersonics, Space
AI, Autonomy, Advanced Comms, Hypersonics, Space. Advancing and deploying technologies including AI, Autonomy, Advanced Communications, Hypersonics and Space are key priorities for the Company. Directors with technology and mission focused backgrounds contribute to an understanding of these technology priorities and our oversight of key investments in these areas.
Business and Digital Transformation
Business and Digital Transformation. Directors with experience in business processes and systems and their evolution provide valuable insights as we execute our mission-driven business and digital transformation program that is critical to innovate and deliver the speed, agility and insights our customers need.



Operational Execution and Efficiency. Our future success requires us to drive a culture of operational excellence, efficiency and consistent performance. Directors with experience in areas such as complex manufacturing and other large, complicated operations contribute to the understanding of these challenges.
Supply Chain Excellence
Supply Chain Excellence. Lockheed Martin has a diverse and complex multi-tiered supply chain that is critical to our success. Directors with expertise in the management of relationships with suppliers provide important perspectives on managing supply chain challenges and driving its affordability and resiliency.



International Business Expansion. We are a global business with a presence in more than 50 countries. One of our key growth priorities is to expand our business internationally. Directors with experience understanding the complexities and risks of international business help the Company to achieve this goal.
M&A Expertise.
M&A Expertise. We look to leverage inorganic growth and portfolio alignment by pursuing strategically aligned targets with ventures, acquisitions and other investments as well as dispositions. Directors with mergers and acquisitions experience contribute to the Board’s understanding of these opportunities.
Business Model / Commercial Partnerships

Business Model / Commercial Partnerships. A key element of our 21st Century Security strategy is to collaborate with innovative commercial companies outside of the traditional A&D industry to leverage their technologies for military applications as well as to develop new business models for the defense industry. Directors with commercial experience contribute to an understanding of these new business models and related growth opportunities.