Zach Ladonis

Senior Investment Analyst

Zach Ladonis is a Senior Investment Analyst within Lockheed Martin Ventures responsible for supporting investment deals and portfolio management for the Corporation’s emerging technology investments which align with the strategic objectives of Lockheed Martin. Mr. Ladonis focuses on investments centered around Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Modeling & Simulation, Next-Gen Materials, Space Technologies, Cyber Security, Next-Gen electronics, Advance Supply Chains, and Cutting-Edge Energy Systems.

Prior to joining the LM Ventures team, he was an Aeronautical Engineer for Lockheed Martin Missile and Fire Control as a member of the Aerodynamics Technology Center. During this role, he designed, tested, and integrated LM MFC products working in the Tactical Missile Systems and Air Dominance lines of business within the Business Area.

Zach received his M.B.A. from the University of Florida with a focus on finance and corporate strategy. He also earned a Master of Industrial and Systems Engineering degree from the University of Florida as well as a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering degree from the Pennsylvania State University. During his studies at Penn State, Zach was a member of the 2016 B1G Championship football team bringing team level leadership to his current role.