My Apprenticeship Journey

My Apprenticeship Journey
February 07, 2022

After completing a year at Loughborough University, Nyomi realised that the style of learning and environment just wasn’t right for her. So, she decided to do some research on the Apprenticeship route, following which she was offered an interview with Lockheed Martin in September 2017.

Although initially Nyomi was unsuccessful in making it to interview stage, to her delight she got through during the second in-take of Apprentices at Lockheed Martin and was offered an Apprenticeship position for a September 2018 start. This gave her time to complete a HNC in Production Engineering / Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Bridgwater and Taunton College and to arrange relocation from Somerset to Bedford.

Continuing further education alongside workplace learning during the Apprenticeship programme saw Nyomi completing a HND at Bedford College in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and then a BSc at the University of Hertfordshire in Engineering and Management.

Nyomi, who is now a Production Engineer at Lockheed Martin’s Ampthill facility in Bedfordshire, says her Apprenticeship gave her the opportunity to do a range of rotations in different areas across the Ampthill business.

My Apprenticeship has been so varied and given me opportunities that I just wouldn’t have had at University. Since joining the business I have worked in electrical engineering, project engineering and manufacturing engineering. I have had exposure to many disciplines across engineering, it’s been great and such a fantastic opportunity for me to learn across the board.
Production Engineer, Lockheed Martin UK

What motivated/inspired you to study STEM subjects?

I chose to study electronics alongside resistant materials at college. I have always wanted to study STEM related subjects as I was inspired by the teachers I had for these lessons. 

I joined the Air Cadet in 2013 which helped me in developing an appreciation for the technology being used in real life by visiting different military bases and being able to see a range of different things, including aircraft (rotary and fixed wing), survival equipment, training systems, signals and communication tools, and navigation methods such as air traffic control.

Whilst I was a Cadet, I also completed my gliding scholarship and had the opportunity to have around 20 hours of flying time in a Grob Tutor (a small, fixed wing aircraft), which also contributed to inspiring me to pursue a career in aerospace and engineering. 

Grob Tutor

Was a career in engineering always what you wanted to do?

Yes, engineering was always what I wanted to do. Originally, I wanted to join the RAF as an avionics engineer, hence joining the Air Cadets. But I always knew that I wanted to do something hands on, to be in an environment where I can be problem solving on a day-to-day basis. So, when I looked at college, I applied for both Forensic Science and Engineering. After much research and decision making, I decided to go down the Engineering route.

What did you look for in an employer?

I wanted to work in an environment where the culture encourages and supports career development aspirations, somewhere that will give me the opportunity to experience different engineering disciplines. For me it was important to work for an organisation that aligned to my passion for military, and Lockheed Martin has given me exactly that.

It was also important for me to work somewhere that provided a positive experience from an early career's perspective. Lockheed Martin ticked so many boxes for me. Right from the early stages I got a really positive feel about the organisation and its culture. The application and recruitment process were really good and the (recruitment) team were very approachable. They were helpful and gave me confidence in Lockheed Martin as an employer.


What advice would you give to others considering an Apprenticeship?

Don’t just think about it, do it. An Apprenticeship gave me so much more than I could have ever imagined. University alone would’ve given me a degree, but an Apprenticeship has given me practical learning in the workplace, a degree in engineering and management and an exciting career with Lockheed Martin. I’m at the start of my journey and it’s an exciting one to say the least. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous career in engineering – living and working my passion every single day.

If you’re interested in doing an Apprenticeship with Lockheed Martin, then visit our careers page today. Who knows, the next story we tell could be yours.