Cyber Resiliency Scoreboard

Cyber Resiliency Scoreboard™ (CRS™)

Measure. Analyze. Act.

Cyber Cyber Resiliency Scoreboard™ (CRS™)

Assess and Improve Your Program’s Cyber Resiliency

The Lockheed Martin Cyber Resiliency Scoreboard™ (CRS™), aligned to the Cyber Resiliency Level® (CRL®) framework, contributes to the measurement of weapon, mission, and/or training system resiliency across six categories: visibility, cyber hygiene, requirements, test and evaluation, architecture, and information sharing.

The CRS™ consists of a both a questionnaire and dashboard.  The questionnaire responses are used in the back-end analysis and represented via a dashboard. The questionnaire provides both qualitative and quantitative cyber performance measures aligned to the CRL® framework while the dashboard consists of data sets and graphs that can be leveraged to assist stakeholders in measuring the resiliency that currently exists and/or is planned, as well as track the program position while it changes over time.

Cyber engineers can leverage CRS™ in conjunction with the program’s security risk assessment process, to identify and evaluate candidate courses of action (CoA).  The cyber engineering team and program stakeholders can then perform a cost-benefit analysis to estimate CoA strengths and weaknesses to determine which CoA will provide the best approach to achieving estimated benefits, preserving cost, and responding to risks while increasing resiliency.

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