Cyber Resiliency Level

Cyber Resiliency Level® (CRL™)

Measure. Decide. Survive.

Cyber Cyber Resiliency Level®

How Does Your System Measure Up?

In a world where almost nothing electronic is 100% invincible against cyber-attacks, it’s important to know how you measure up to withstand and recover from such an attack.

Enter Lockheed Martin’s Cyber Resiliency Level® (CRL™) – the world’s first, standard method to measure the cyber resiliency maturity of a weapon, mission, and/or training system, anywhere in its lifecycle.

While there are models designed or in development to measure a company's cybersecurity posture – such as the U.S. Department of Defense’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) – there hasn’t been one that speaks directly to the unique cyber design needs of military systems. CRL was built to be a companion to measurement efforts focused on a company’s cybersecurity posture, ensuring insight into cyber resiliency from a system’s conception to delivery to retirement.

How it Works

For deep electronics and code to an actual weapon platform, the CRL works as a framework to measure potential risks that affect mission performance along the way. Using a structured set of risk- and engineering-based approaches to measure the cyber resiliency of weapon, mission, and/or training systems  – including cyber table tops and threat driven methodologies – the CRL helps measure against six resiliency categories to determine the current level. Users of the model receive a customized roadmap that can be used to help understand risk, prioritize and select solutions for maximum effect against cyber-attacks. For more information, refer to our whitepaper, “An Overview of the Lockheed Martin Cyber Resiliency Level® (CRL™) Framework for Weapon, Mission, and Training Systems”.

The Case for Built-In Cybersecurity

When Lockheed Martin was awarded the opportunity to work on a major military satellite development program, the team responsible made the decision to include cyber at the front-end to eliminate costly and incomplete cyber “bolt-ons” later in the system’s lifecycle.



Meet the CRL Creators

Jim Keffer

Jim Keffer

Major General (Ret), USAF
Lockheed Martin Government Affairs Director of Cyber & CRL Executive Champion
Dr. Dawn Beyer

Dr. Dawn Beyer

Lockheed Martin Sr. Fellow
CRL Lead Developer & Project Lead
Dr. Michael Nance

Dr. Michael Nance

Lockheed Martin Sr. Fellow
CRL Project Co-lead

“In an era of scarce resources, the CRL can help stakeholders make informed decisions and prioritize cyber spending on the most impactful solutions.”

– Jim Keffer