Cyber Resiliency Level

Cyber Resiliency Level® (CRL™)

Measure. Decide. Survive.

Cyber Cyber Resiliency Level®

How Does Your System Measure Up?

In a world where almost nothing electronic is 100% invincible against cyber-attacks, it’s important to know how you measure up to withstand and recover from such an attack.

Enter Lockheed Martin’s Cyber Resiliency Level® (CRL) framework – the world’s first, standard method to measure the cyber resiliency maturity of a weapon, mission, and/or training system.

While there are models designed or in development to measure a company's cybersecurity posture – such as the U.S. Department of Defense’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) – there hasn’t been one that speaks directly to the unique cyber needs of weapon, mission, and/or training systems.

How it Works

From deep electronics and code to an actual weapon platform, the CRL can be used to assist stakeholders in prioritizing risks and selecting courses of action for maximum effect against cyber-attacks. The framework provides stakeholders with an understanding of cyber investments necessary for increased cyber resilience.

The CRL helps employ common risk- and engineering-based approaches, and leverages common assessment tools such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Risk Management Process and Risk Management Framework, Lockheed Martin’s threat-driven methodologies, and the Department of Defense’s Cyber Table Top (CTT) Guidebook.

For more information, refer to our whitepaper, “An Overview of the Lockheed Martin Cyber Resiliency Level® (CRL) Framework for Weapon, Mission, and Training Systems.”

The Case for Built-In Cybersecurity

When Lockheed Martin was awarded the opportunity to work on a major military satellite development program, the team responsible made the decision to include cyber at the front-end to eliminate costly and incomplete cyber “bolt-ons” later in the system’s lifecycle.



Meet the CRL™ Team

Jim Keffer

Jim Keffer

Major General (Ret), USAF
Lockheed Martin Government Affairs Director of Cyber & CRL Executive Champion
Dr. Dawn Beyer

Dr. Dawn Beyer

Lockheed Martin Sr. Fellow
CRL Lead Developer & Project Lead
Dr. Michael Nance

Dr. Michael Nance

Lockheed Martin Sr. Fellow
CRL Project Co-lead

“In an era of scarce resources, the CRL can help stakeholders make informed decisions and prioritize cyber spending on the most impactful solutions.”

– Jim Keffer