The New Standard in Long-Duration Energy Storage

As wind and solar become cost-competitive across the globe, we envision a world where we can realize the full potential of clean energy by integrating storage that can capture that power for minutes, hours or even days.

To make this vision a reality, Lockheed Martin Energy is developing an innovative redox flow battery. GridStar® Flow is designed for long-duration, large-capacity energy storage applications. The patented technology is based on the principles of coordination chemistry, offering a new electrochemistry consisting of engineered electrolytes made from earth-abundant materials. These properties enable GridStar Flow to deliver durability, flexibility, and safety with a competitive total cost of ownership.


  • Renewable generation bulk shifting (large amounts of energy for many hours)
  • Large-scale transmission & distribution deferral
  • Peaking unit replacement (traditionally combustion turbines or internal combustion engines)
  • Day-head, real-time and ancillary market optimization
  • Multi-day and portfolio optimization
  • Resiliency, particularly in microgrids, islands, and military installations

The Energy Storage Imperative

A Guide for Grid Planners in the Renewables Era

Electric grids are undergoing unprecedented disruption as renewables rapidly take root, displacing other energy sources. Storage has a vital role to play in this evolution. But the current dominant technologies in use today cannot sufficiently provide the durable, flexible and distributed energy storage required. Download our latest whitepaper for an in-depth guide to anticipating and planning for the best ways to adapt to historic changes in the energy industry.

How GridStar Flow Works

GridStar Flow Features

  • Optimized for 6+ hours of flexible discharge
  • Flexibility to switch between products to maximize revenue
  • 100 percent depth-of-discharge with minimal degradation
  • A design life of 20 years
  • Ability to size energy and power independently
  • Mildly alkaline, aqueous electrolytes that are safe (nonflammable, noncorrosive, stable) 
  • Competitive total cost of ownership

Product Benefits


GridStar Flow achieves 100% depth-of-discharge with minimal degradation across multiple applications with a design life of 20 years.  


GridStar Flow’s flexibility maximizes value by enabling a wide variety of applications, allowing the system to meet market needs today and in the future.

  • Architecture: Power and energy are decoupled, providing customers the flexibility to customize GridStar Flow to their specific needs.
  • Optionality: GridStar Flow is uniquely capable of providing a wide range of products and switching between applications over any time period.
  • Siting: GridStar Flow can be flexibly and safely sited in a variety of environments.



The positive and negative electrolytes in GridStar Flow use active materials dissolved in water. They are nonflammable, noncorrosive, and stable, making GridStar Flow a safe solution.

Competitive Total Cost of Ownership

GridStar Flow is optimized to offer competitive TCO over the design life. GridStar Flow’s TCO includes all costs for initial installation, system replenishment, maintenance, and energy loss.

Track Record in Energy Storage

Since 2017, Lockheed Martin has installed over 100 MWh of energy storage across the U.S. and Canada. Lockheed Martin worked with a variety of customers including federal entities, utilities, IPPs and developers to install lithium-ion storage systems for behind- and front-of-meter projects with applications ranging from renewable integration and demand charge reduction, to transmission and distribution deferral and microgrid integration. For more information, view our project summaries and press releases below.  

GridStar is a trademark of Lockheed Martin Corporation

GridStar is a trademark of Lockheed Martin Corporation