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Lockheed Martin’s visitor management system provides a secure, easy-to-use experience for all visitors and customers to our domestic facilities.

Visitor registration is accessible through a secure, external portal to protect your privacy and streamline processes. This easy-to-use system underscores our commitment to handling the personal information of our employees, customers, stockholders and partners securely and responsibly. 

U.S. Lockheed Martin Facilities:

Effective August 2, 2021, consistent with the U.S. CDC guidance, fully vaccinated Lockheed Martin employees, visitors, and on-site personnel who certify their vaccination status through LMPeople, VisitLM (or the appropriate system) will no longer be required to wear a mask or physically distance at U.S. locations where business is conducted (e.g. Lockheed Martin, customer and supplier facilities), unless:

  1. in an indoor setting in counties of substantial or high transmission (as defined by the CDC);
  2. Where required by federal, state, local, Business Area*, or site-specific rules and regulations; or
  3. after a known exposure to someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, in which case exposed individual must mask for 14 days or until receiving a negative test result (tested 3-5 days after exposure).

Individuals are considered "fully vaccinated" for COVID-19 greater than two weeks after they have received the second dose in a two-dose series, or greater than two weeks after they have received a single-dose vaccine and have certified in LMPeople, VisitLM (or the appropriate system).

*Note: Masks are required indoors at all U.S. Aeronautics sites, regardless of vaccination status.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when visiting Lockheed Martin?

Visitors can expect a technology-enabled, user-friendly, streamlined experience.  Kiosks may be available to allow the visitor to check-in using their QR code or confirmation number.  The visitor must present the appropriate identification to be given a badge to enter the facility.


I can’t find my confirmation email or my link has expired/is not working?

Contact LMSecurity using the contact information listed on this page.


Do I need to provide my social security number (SSN)?

SSN is only required for classified visits however, a visitor can enter that information in the portal for both classified and unclassified visits.


How are tours requested?

Tour requests must be coordinated with local security for approval.


As of October 14th, 2021: In addition to the following, you can also refer to the  Safer Federal Workforce FAQs.

Is there any distinction between “resident non-employees” and “visitors”? How will I know whether or not my personnel are subject to the vaccine mandate?

Resident non-employees are any individuals that are assigned to work onsite at a Lockheed Martin facility under a long-term or temporary contractual arrangement with Lockheed Martin (including contingent labor contract personnel).  All such individuals are subject to the requirement to become fully vaccinated by December 8.

In certain limited instances, a visitor will have a need to access a Lockheed Martin facility but may not be subject to the requirement to become fully vaccinated. Visitors are defined as individuals that represent a company or individual who are not government employees or affiliated with a part of Lockheed Martin’s resident non-employee contract labor workforce. Employees of logistics vendors (like FedEx and UPS) or vendors who come onsite at a Lockheed Martin facility but will only have brief and peripheral access (like food delivery or taxis) are considered visitors for purposes of this guidance. While guidance as set forth by the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force does not require visitors to be vaccinated at this time, visitors are nonetheless still required to comply with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s masking and physical distancing guidelines.

Individuals who come onsite for meetings, for example, are deemed resident non-employees and not visitors for the purposes of this communication.

It is your responsibility to notify your employees that are impacted by the vaccine requirement.


If my employees that work onsite at a Lockheed Martin facility are fully vaccinated, do they still need to wear a mask?

Fully vaccinated resident non-employees that work at a Lockheed Martin facility located in an area where there is high or substantial community transmission of COVID-19 must wear a mask in indoor settings. If you have granted certain of your onsite personnel an exception from the vaccination requirement, and Lockheed Martin is able to provide any such individual(s) an accommodation, then the individual(s) will be required to wear a mask and maintain physical distancing as recommended by the CDC.


What is the COVID-19 vaccine requirement for resident non-employees that only perform services outside at a Lockheed Martin U.S.-based facility (construction, landscaper, snow removal, etc.)?

Resident non-employees who perform services outside of the buildings are subject to the same vaccine requirements.


How will Lockheed Martin handle copies of vaccination card or other proof of vaccination status provided by a non-employee?

Under current guidance, Lockheed Martin is not required to collect copies of your employees’ vaccination card or other proof of their vaccination status. If, however, Lockheed Martin is required to collect this type of documentation in the future to comply with DOD, NASA or other government customers’ vaccination related requirements then Lockheed Martin employees are instructed to acknowledge the status and return or destroy the copy. Lockheed Martin is not responsible for gathering or maintaining this documentation for non-employees.

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