Meet the SEA 5000 team

Meet the SEA 5000 team
May 29, 2018

Lockheed Martin Australia’s DJ Daniels (3rd from left) heads to the U.S for elite Aegis Training

After an extensive technical career in the Royal Australian Navy, new Lockheed Martin Australia technician DJ Daniels jumped at the opportunity to join a team of globally elite technicians invited to undertake advanced Aegis technical training at the Aegis Training and Readiness Centre in Virginia USA.

DJ comes to Lockheed Martin Australia with an extensive maritime engineering background having spent over 26 years in the Royal Australian Navy. This upskilling and training will see him provide technical expertise in support of the Royal Australian Navy’s three new Hobart Class Destroyers, specifically in the acquisition, delivery and sustainment of the SPY 1-D(V) phased array radar system.

“My career with the Royal Australian Navy has been a great basis for my current role with Lockheed Martin Australia. I have been fortunate to work across multiple classes of platforms and systems including the Kanimbla Class Landing Platforms and the Adelaide Class Frigates. My understanding of the Navy’s processes and having a background in ship systems, specifically the fire control heritage, have contributed greatly to my current career path.”

Lockheed Martin Australia is supporting the Royal Australian Navy with the acquisition, integration, test and sustainment of the combat system in the Hobart Class Destroyers. The highly expert team, of which DJ is a member, is ready to support the RAN and BAE with integration of the combat system for Australia’s Future Frigates.

“Lockheed Martin is committed to delivering and integrating Aegis here in Australia, by Australians and that is exactly why I am here in the United States learning from the world’s leading Aegis experts,” said DJ.

“Aegis is the world’s most advanced maritime warfighting capability and the world’s only maritime ballistic missile defence system.  I am part of a core Lockheed Martin Australia team responsible for the sustainment of the Aegis system in Australia, and with my background this is the opportunity of a lifetime”.

For DJ, it is being able to further his career with on the ground training that is so rewarding.

“This experience will have a great and positive impact on my future career path. The knowledge that I am gaining, I will share with my Australian colleagues, ensuring we continue developing Aegis expertise here in Australia. Here in Australia we have a great skills base and with programs such as these ones, it will continue to upskill and provide employment opportunities for generations to come. And that is rewarding in itself.”