5 Trends Shaping the Future of Defense (The Tech in #3 Sounds Like Science Fiction)  

5 Trends Shaping the Future of Defense (The Tech in #3 Sounds Like Science Fiction)  
June 28, 2018

The third Annual Defense One Tech Summit brought together top tech thinkers in government, the aerospace and defense industry, academia and think tanks to discuss the emerging trends shaping the future of military tech. Here’s what we heard about the future of defense.

1.) A.I. Is Central to Success in Future Conflicts


artificial intelligence

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence is changing the battle landscape. Decision makers must be able to collect, collate, sift, analyze and share vast amounts of information. The ability to analyze, adapt and respond to threats at tactical speeds can mean the difference between success and failure.

2.) There’s Opportunity in the Data


The shift from descriptive to predictive analytics drives better decisions. The point is unlocking insights from data. By predicting the envelope of what will happen, we can be there first to deter threats and automate dangerous tasks. Ultimately, predictive analytics mean lower costs and fewer mistakes.

3.) Rapid Innovation Requires Risk

innovation requires risk

Maintaining tactical advantage against adversaries requires constant innovation. The U.S. military is seeking new capabilities and that will maintain battlespace dominance for decades to come. Advanced tools of the future, like directed energy lasers and hypersonic weapons, will only be possible through innovation that takes calculated risks and turns failure into opportunity.

4.) Human Machine Collaboration Delivers Unmatched Mission Capabilities 

human machine collaboration

From autonomous systems to exoskeleton technology, human machine collaboration delivers unprecedented capabilities to the warfighter. The relationship between human and machine is only increasing. Evaluating the tasks and actions humans are performing today and asking how can machine learning augment or support that mission will allow the U.S. military to operate safer and faster. 

5.) We’re at a Turning Point


The X factor for strong security is the people working on projects that make our world safer. Empowering people to work on tough challenges and bring creative solutions, while removing barriers to apply those solutions, will provide the advantage as we grapple with an increasingly complex global landscape.