People of Lockheed Martin: Meet Sanda

People of Lockheed Martin: Meet Sanda

What is your name? Sanda

Years at Lockheed Martin: 4

Risk Manager for LMUK

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

In my role I am responsible for enterprise risk frameworks which is the overarching approach to how risks and opportunities are handled in the organisation. Programme risk management is an integral part of that. I also look after the risk management process during proposals and bid phases.

Another hat I wear is business resilience, ensuring response and recovery procedures and plans for the organisation.

People of Lockheed Martin: Meet Sanda

I probably shouldn’t say this on record, but I knew I wanted to get back on a bike almost instantly, and I actually did whilst I was still recovering in hospital following my motorcycling accident. As a comparison, it took me a good month to learn to sit up again and it was a long process to build my strength back up. I used to do a fair bit of road stuff, track days, I even met my partner through our love of bikes, so it has always been an integral part of my life. I couldn’t let the accident and my subsequent injuries defeat me.

I was given an opportunity through a charity that helps disabled bikers get back on bikes and I took part in a track day at Odiham Airfield. I have in the meantime become a parent, so I’ve opted for a less risky option of riding a trike.

Do you have the drive to never give up? If so, a career at Lockheed Martin might be for you.