Accomplishing Mission Critical Work in New Ways Part 2

Accomplishing Mission Critical Work in New Ways Part 2
May 19, 2020
Keeping the F-35 Flying, Efficiently
Caroline at her home office
Caroline at her home office 

Caroline Baer, data analyst, keeps the F-35 aircraft flying efficiently. She connects company data to the cutting-edge capabilities and technologies aboard the jet.

The pandemic has challenged Caroline to think about her daily work in a new way. She’s using data science and analysis skills to better understand how this international situation will change forecasts and behavior.

With F-35s flying outside her home every day, it’s a good reminder her job has not become any less important. In order to maintain the mission readiness in this military fleet, it is vital that she continues to support the development of analytic tools for our engineers, managers, operations, and customers.

Caroline relies on virtual technology now more than ever. She’s changed her workspace and incorporated more ways to virtually connect with her teammates, enabling her to stay home safe with her loved ones and animals and maintain a creative, productive team. 

Logistics Powering PPE Delivery
Gary Collins working remotely
Gary Collins working remotely

Virtual work extends across the globe as Lockheed Martin is responsible for maintaining a number of systems and platforms for customers and allies. One system in particular is the Joint Asset Management and Engineering Solution (JAMES), a key logistics system helping the British Army deliver PPE to NHS locations up and down the country for COVID-19.

“Almost immediately JAMES was deemed a critical program by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to enable the MoD and the Armed Forces to maintain asset management capability during COVID-19,” says Paul Henderson, JAMES Deputy Program Manager. “With all Lockheed Martin staff working from home during this time, I am delighted to say that the program has been able to maintain the capability to Armed Forces personnel in the UK and on operations around the world.”  

JAMES is relied upon by the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force to improve operational effectiveness and quick, cost-effective decision making. 

Smart satellites, smarter team
Kristin Barrackman’s software satellite team makes the most of meeting virtually
Kristin's software satellite team makes the most of meeting virtually. 

Kristin Barrackman leads a team of Lockheed Martin software engineers who are developing the next generation satellite capability, SmartSatTM. Now that they’re working remotely, she’s taking extra care to keep the team connected while working together virtually by organizing more online gatherings and lighthearted games to ensure the team still feels connected — and has a little bit of fun, too.

As a Software Factory, the team was able to transition to working from home smoothly. The group recently finished planning for an upcoming software release. Over the course of three days, they virtually mapped out 12 weeks of work using a cadre of tools like virtual whiteboards and breakout rooms.

When it’s safe to return to the office, Barrackman plans to bring some of her virtual best practices with her.

“We've made an extra effort to have employee tag-ups now that we’re virtual. I wasn't having them as consistently as before, and I have really seen the benefit setting aside a few minutes to catch up with team members individually to talk about work and life outside of work. I’ll be continuing that in the future,” said Barrackman.

F-35 at dusk
F-35 at dusk

A new version of Lockheed Martin's flagship simulation software - Prepar3D Version 5 -  launched on April 14 and the team adapted to get the software out to the flight simulation community.

Engineering program manager Chris Metel said, "We really get into the countdown to go live for every launch. We were online together for the countdown and the launch for this version too. That feeling of satisfaction that our work is out and helping people train is the greatest. The best part is we have only used a fraction of the new engines capabilities and look forward to benefit from these capabilities as v5 development continues."

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