Restoring our Earth: Lockheed Martin Celebrates Earth Day

We are excited to celebrate Earth Day this year, along with many other organizations around the world. At Lockheed Martin our commitment to the earth and our environment is reflected in our core value of “do what is right.” Our 2020 efforts towards this commitment is reflected in our ESH 2020 Year-End Program Summary and newly released Corporate Sustainability Report.  

In order to drive meaningful impact to this year’s theme of “Restore our Earth,” we at Lockheed Martin are focusing on a broader set of Go Green activities  by supporting our environmental science-based sustainability goals, focusing on energy conservation and environmental restoration, assisting our communities and piloting zero waste facilities. 

Lockheed Martin commemoration in Littleton, CO.

Community Efforts 

To do our part, Lockheed Martin organizes community events to safely recycle e-waste/household hazardous waste. In 2020, we completed seven e-waste events and one combined e-waste/household hazardous waste event, with ~28 tons of e-waste and ~12.5 tons of Household Hazardous Waste collected. All events were open to residents in the surrounding counties. 
earth day



earth day

Left: Lockheed Martin’s Lufkin Operations hosting Annual Household Hazardous Waste Day Event.   Right: Employees line up at a Household Hazardous waste event in Marietta GA. Over 25,000 Lbs. of household hazardous waste was collected.


Recycling Hazardous Waste Reduces Impact

earth day

Recycling hazardous waste impacts reduction in energy needed to extract, transport, and process raw materials and to manufacture products. And, when energy demand decreases, fewer fossil fuels are burned, and less carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere. Emissions of other air pollutants can be reduced too, as recycling hazardous waste can decrease releases of air toxics from waste incineration.

“Earth Day is a reminder to recognize our responsibility and our commitment to protecting the planet,” said Carol Cala, Vice President of Corporate Environment, Safety and Health at Lockheed Martin. “Every day is Earth Day as we continue to expand activities through our Go Green program.”  


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