Software Factory Chief Engineer Alan Hohn Breaks Down Security in DevSecOps during Fireside Chat

Software Factory Chief Engineer Alan Hohn Breaks Down Security in DevSecOps during Fireside Chat
March 29, 2021

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Software Factories link development, security and operations teams into DevSecOps frameworks to ensure security is built in from the start. Enabled by cloud-based apps and automation, Lockheed Martin’s Software Factory delivers cybersecure mission capabilities to help our customers solve today and tomorrow’s toughest challenges. With our DevSecOps approach, our teams bring software capabilities to a new realm of cybersecurity from software build out to testing right through operations. In environments demanding faster, leaner and more secure solutions, it’s imperative that today’s software applications be built on up-front security.  

Alan Hohn, chief engineer, Lockheed Martin Software Factory sat down with SC Media to discuss security practices and software development processes during CyberRisk Alliance’s “Secure Cloud Series: DevSecOps in High-Velocity Environments” with Jill Aitoro, editor-in-chief, CyberRisk Alliance. Alan shared insights on security ‘must-haves’ noting the importance of incorporating security into everything we do and the role everyone plays in driving security within a DevSecOps environment.

Alan Hohn

Alan also discussed Lockheed Martin’s culture of continuous learning and exploration while discussing the importance of software engineers having a “continuous growth mindset focused on staying ahead of new technology, with an appetite to learn what that technology is and how it can provide value.” He also noted “depth and breadth of knowledge steeped in security” as key attributes of a successful software engineer.

Learn more about how our company-wide Software Factory is deploying DevSecOps approaches and enabling fast development with continuous deployment of software to advance customer missions. We are transforming with urgency to deliver the speed, agility and insights our customers need to stay ahead of rapidly-evolving threats.