How We Are Building a More Sustainable Future

How We Are Building a More Sustainable Future
April 21, 2022

How We Are Building a More Sustainable Future

Energy Management

In 2021, we reduced:

Carbon emissions by 47% per dollar of gross profit (2015 baseline).

Energy per occupant by 7%(2016 baseline).

Waste per occupant by 5% (2016 baseline).

We’re also using renewable energy for 22% of our total electricity across Lockheed Martin global operations.

Lockheed Martin Solar Farm


Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sikorsky approved the use of biofuel for the S-92 helicopter. The first flight was carried out by the CHC Helikopter Service of Norway using Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene.

S-92 Helicopter Fuels Up


Predicting Wildfires

We’re harnessing the power of ethical Artificial Intelligence by working with NVIDIA to help fire response teams better predict the path of a wildfire.


New $2 Million Partnership

Through a new $2 million partnership with The Nature Conservancy, we aim to strengthen natural ecosystems in the Chesapeake and help protect over 4,000 acres of critical wetlands by 2025.

Nature Conservancy


Monitoring Earth’s Health

We're working on a first-of-its-kind Earth observation mission called the Geostationary Carbon Cycle Observatory (GeoCarb) with NASA and the University of Oklahoma. It will observe how the carbon cycle is changing and monitor plant health in the Americas with millions of daily observations.

Cassie Lee, a Lockheed Martin engineer, is building the company’s first Climate Intelligence program and understands the significance of using weather data from the GOES-R satellites to study our changing planet. Meet one of the women of weather.


The Future of Grid Resiliency

GridStar® Flow is an innovative, long-duration energy storage solution designed to advance clean energy goals. GridStar Flow will enable deeper penetration of clean, renewable energy supplies onto the grid and help replace fossil energy generation. Recently, we announced partnership with TC Energy to power 30,000 homes and advance sustainability in Alberta, Canada.

GridStar Flow