Reintroducing PTC: Three Things to Know

Reintroducing PTC: Three Things to Know
August 05, 2022

Major modifications are happening at the Production Test Center (PTC) Moorestown, N.J. site to prepare for the SPY-7 radar integration and test for Japan’s Aegis System Equipped Vessel (ASEV) program. Updating the center will allow for testing of the latest modular and scalable software defined digital solid state radar.

The newly renovated facility will provide end-item hardware and software performance validation prior to shipment to Japan. It will also provide early lessons-learned to streamline equipment installation onto future ASEV platforms, and support maintenance and training efforts ahead of system deployment.  


Three things to know about the critical function Moorestown PTC provides:

  • Major risk reduction: PTC will "groom" SPY-7 and weapon system equipment, ensuring end to end systems is tested and meets requirements before delivery.
    • This allows the shipyard to receive a fully configured system ready for install almost immediately upon delivery.
  • Cost and Schedule Savings: Close proximity to a full line of engineering experts who can shorten the test time prior to shipboard install.
  • Performs critical testing: Without PTC testing, if constraints appeared at the shipyard, testing would need to happen during additional sea trials with additional increased costs (manning the ship, schedule delays, etc.)

Lockheed Martin's Moorestown Aegis PTC is a land-based deckhouse that replicates a ship's framework. PTC allows for the first integration of all the subsystems of the Aegis Weapon System, including the radar, illuminators, all computing hardware, and the cabling. 

To ensure the system is ready for the rigors of sea, the ‘build a little, test a little' philosophy has underpinned the Aegis program from the start. This is critical to ensure Aegis continually delivers and the products leaving our facility are operational and ready for installation.