ARISE Enables Quickly Fielded Solutions for Rapidly Evolving

ARISE Enables Quickly Fielded Solutions for Rapidly Evolving Threats

October 05, 2023

Imagine using software to automatically identify potential flight test anomalies and correcting them before a live test event.

By using our new digital engineering simulation environment, called ARISE, our engineering team can do just that.

In today’s environment, our engineers must rapidly understand the performance of our products for our customers’ real-world environments. Enter simulation.

At Lockheed Martin, we’ve been developing simulations for decades. With ARISE, we’re improving upon this experience. What’s different about ARISE is our ability to use high-fidelity, modern software tools to build system simulations – or digital twins – just like Lego blocks. This suite of tools, comprised of data analytics, mission software, hardware in the loop, and modeling and simulation, allows our engineers to optimize systems for the environments our products are truly going to see.

“With ARISE, a program that would have taken two years to build a high-fidelity, integrated flight simulation can now have in two-to-three months,” said Doug Juul, Director of ARISE Simulation & Data Analytics Products.

ARISE is being used and shared across multiple Lockheed Martin programs. At our Missiles and Fire Control business area, ARISE is currently the program simulation standard, with all applicable U.S.-based programs scheduled to adopt this standard by January 2025.

“For example, if different programs are using the same model or component and an improvement is made, all the programs benefit,” said Jason, Architect of ARISE Data Analytics. “Data analytics is saving thousands of hours of analysis time by using Machine Learning on Petabytes of data that would otherwise would have relied on human eyes to sift through the data.”



ARISE allows our engineers to rethink how we handle, ingest and save data while minimizing resource load on our IT infrastructures. With a storage database and ability to use common data formats synced with simulations from real flight test data, the tools are applicable to any program. This includes combining product systems across business areas where they can interact with one another in ARISE simulations.

“We collaboratively optimize the way our systems work in a Joint All-Domain Operations environment, and that’s going to provide an enhanced benefit to the warfighter as they meet new and evolving threats,” Doug said.

Implementing ARISE

While ARISE was originally designed to support Missile and Fire Control products, the ARISE products have been deployed across a broad range of MFC programs and beyond. Within the classic MFC portfolio, ARISE has been deployed on several Programs of Record in our missile and sensor sectors. For our U.S. Army customers on the PrSM program, ARISE simulation products have been delivered to support Modeling and Simulation and Hardware in the Loop efforts. 

The flexibility of the ARISE tools to operate seamlessly in coordination with other products within the framework or independently have enabled MFC to take advantage of its capabilities across a variety of nontraditional programs. For example, while exploring a prototype effort of ARISE Data Analytics for MFC’s GridStar® Flow Battery, ARISE-Analytics engineers identified minute sensor calibration shifts missed using the classic human-centric approaches to data analysis. The ability to identify hidden anomalies before they become critical enable us to maximize system reliability and minimize maintenance costs. The result also proved ARISE’s viability in a production-ready environment as well as the value of real-time data processing using machine learning techniques. This example showed us how ARISE Data Analytics has commercial applications as well as our military customer pursuits.

Transformation: How We Do Business

The suite of integrated digital tools that comprise ARISE assess and improve performance to build a system-level weapon simulation, in addition to other product simulations.

·         Mission Software is a reusable toolkit that complies with the U.S. Air Force required Weapon Open Systems Architecture.

·         The Modeling and Simulation framework and subsystem model library integrates with mission software to enable all-digital software regression on standalone computers or high-performance computing networks. This toolkit supports selectable fidelity system performance predictions to enable high-fidelity and rapid assessment of tactical mission software and lower-fidelity Live-Virtual-Constructive simulations, all linked to the Model Based System Architecture.

·         Hardware in the Loop advanced suite of closed-loop testing capabilities with mission software and sensors operates in real-time embedded flight processors.

·         The Data Analytics infrastructure with machine learning-augmented tools enable improved experiment visualization and analysis of simulation and test data.

This suite of ARISE tools is just one of many ways we’re accelerating transformative technologies to keep our customers Ahead of Ready.