Advanced Rapid Integration Simulation Environment (ARISE)

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Rapidly evolving threats and the need to quickly field solutions drive a greater reliance on modeling and simulation for development, integration and testing systems. This requirement drives greater reliance on high performance computing and hardware in the loop environments that generate unprecedented amounts of data, leading to data saturation and waste.  

Advanced Rapid Integration Simulation Environment – or ARISE – is a family of integrated toolkits used to build a system-level weapon simulation – or “digital twin” – tool.

As the mission simulation standard for programs at Missiles and Fire Control (MFC), ARISE is used by MFC to reduce product development time, decrease cost, maximize anomaly detection prior to live flight tests, and further integrate model-based engineering into our processes.

The ARISE toolkits allow us to share best practices and apply lessons learned across the lines of business, as well as the enterprise. They allow us to respond to customer needs faster and at a reduced cost because we can share solutions.

ARISE data analytics products have reduced software acceptance test procedures by 50 percent and have been able to flag and isolate hidden anomalies to focus our algorithm development teams on correcting the root cause.

ARISE Toolkit

Mission Software

A reusable mission software toolkit designed to support rapid program startup and system modification. This toolkit complies with the United States Air Force required Weapon Open Systems Architecture.
Modeling and Simulation

A simulation framework and subsystem model library with integrated mission software to enable all-digital software regression on standalone computers or high-performance computing (HPC) networks. This toolkit supports selectable fidelity system performance predictions to enable high-fidelity and rapid assessment of tactical mission software and lower-fidelity Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) simulations, all linked to the Model Based System Architecture.
Hardware in the Loop

An advanced suite of closed-loop testing capabilities with mission software and sensors operating in real-time embedded flight processors.
Data Analytics

Big data infrastructure and machine learning-augmented tools that enable improved experiment visualization and analysis of simulation and test data.
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