Augmented Reality is Transforming Space Technology

Augmented Reality is Transforming Space Technology

Lockheed Martin is embracing digital tools and processes to accelerate technology development for the space industry. 

April 17, 2024

Lockheed Martin uses augmented reality (AR) to design, build and test products faster. In an increasingly competitive space industry, embracing these digital tools and processes enables greater speed and agility.

AR and other advanced visualization technologies is one of the core capabilities of Lockheed Martin’s mission-driven digital transformation. By blending the physical and digital worlds through interactive, 3D holographic representations, AR brings significant value in service of customer missions—from enhanced security to advanced space exploration. 

AR Applications for Space Technology Development

We are applying AR to numerous processes and programs like the Orion spacecraft, GPS satellites, solar array manufacturing and many more. Some examples include:

  • Experience – We invite our customers to immerse themselves in the technology. AR can provide engaging demonstrations with detailed views of how our spacecraft will operate and fulfill the mission prior to design.
  • Engineering design – Our engineers use 1:1 scale AR models of flight hardware. This interactive, 3D visualization allows them to take manufacturability into account long before production begins.
  • Manufacturing and assembly – Shop floor personnel use AR for precision alignment of components on hardware and to access complex assembly and test instructions, saving time and cost.       


Embracing Visualization for Mission Success

By embracing AR capabilities, we are transforming our systems and processes to deliver for our customers. AR provides numerous benefits, such as:

  • Saving time and costs – By reducing our development and production time, we can improve cost competitiveness and drive faster deliveries for our customers.
  • Boosting productivity – Intricate work can become less tedious. AR reduces errors, touch labor, and travel time, all while increasing confidence in work.
  • Increasing performance excellence – AR provides users with a more data rich environment, reducing operational complexity.
Advanced visualization is just one way we keep our customers ahead of emerging threats.  Explore more of the ways we are transforming our business through cutting-edge technologies.