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Addressing the Needs of the Future Battlespace

Today’s challenges to global security are accelerating. Prevailing in future conflicts requires the ability to understand and respond to situations faster than our adversaries. Timely and effective mission planning is essential to shape the battle of the future. And Lockheed Martin is de­veloping ways to optimize the command and control of systems, sensors and platforms across multiple domains and across theaters.

Optimizing Awareness Across Domains

For decades, Lockheed Martin has developed enterprise level ‘systems of systems” that traverse domains to provide common situational awareness and coordinated command of the battlespace. From enabling the Ballistic Missile Defense System to operate as a global network through C2BMC, to enabling the unknown in Space to become known through iSpace, we are focused on enabling full spectrum battle management.

Exploring Collaborative Mission Planning

While today a joint mission can take days to plan, we are working to significantly reduce that timeline. To enable coordinated multi-domain mission planning,  we developed the Multi-Domain Synchronized Effects Tool (MDSETTM), which links traditionally stove-piped resources and shortens the “data-to-decision” cycle. This involves assimilating essential information from stove-piped systems to provide concurrent (vs. serial) awareness with automated, real-time information exchange. Removing the manual entry of information from one system to another shrinks a laborious and error-ridden process into near instantaneous actions – resulting in shared situational awareness, faster decision making and multi-dimensional employment of forces. By eliminating stovepipes from battlespace planning, MDSET transforms command and control into a collaborative cross domain decision-making framework. 

Using Artificial intelligence to Accelerate Decision Making

As Multi-Domain operations become real, we can expect to see the number of platforms and systems connected in the spectrum to greatly increase. This will increase the complexity, interconnectedness, volume and speed of operation, which could overwhelm the operations tempo. By advancing artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, we can change the human role from “in-the-loop” controller to “on-the-loop” thinker who can focus on strategy versus the execution detail.  When time is limited or when the number of choices is too large for people to be able to analyze all alternatives, AI and Machine Learning help link multiple data sets from disparate users from disparate data formats, taking the burden off of the analyst.  Integrating AI and machine learning into the command and control process will allow us to analyze terabytes of data much faster, and consequently make quicker decisions and gain operational advantage over our adversaries.

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