C-130 B-H Certified Parts

Exclusive OEM Source for the C-130 Certified Parts Program (CPP)

Derco, A Lockheed Martin Company is the exclusive OEM source for all C-130 B-H Certified Parts. We are partnered with all approved manufacturers to provide operators with superior quality.

Within the partnership, Derco is able to aggregate market demands of Certified Parts and apply Lockheed Martin proprietary data/tools to provide shorter lead times and inventory availability at a competitive cost.

What is a Certified Part?

Certified Parts are Lockheed Martin-designed and certified C-130 B-H spare parts that are manufactured to detailed Lockheed Martin specifications.

Lockheed Martin-designed parts typically include general structural components as well as flight control surfaces, landing gear, and various other components and assemblies. 

Certified Parts

Certified Parts Specifications

  • Manufactured to Lockheed Martin standards
  • Manufactured to the appropriate drawing revisions and process specifications
  • Inspected by Lockheed Martin approved source inspectors
  • Identified by a tamper-evident serialized hologram
  • OEM certified ensures highest level of flight safety and quality

Maintain OEM Value

Certified parts provide enhanced value and customer satisfaction

  • Only the highest quality manufacturers
  • Most current data
  • Source inspected
  • Lockheed Martin backing 

Non-Certified Part Problems

Several pitfalls can be encountered when using non-Certified Parts

  • Rebuilt parts sold as new
  • False certifications
  • Incorrect materials
  • Stolen / counterfeit parts
  • Untested Parts
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