SharkFin provides navigation control, video display, and payload control of multiple UAVs in one integrated package. It includes a sophisticated toolset of decision aids, optimization algorithms, and situational awareness displays. World-class autorouting algorithms and physics models enable an operator to optimally position the UAV for target collection, comms coverage, and detection avoidance.

High-Level Planning
A video-game-like interface allows operators to manage the most complex UAV missions in a simple, intuitive way. Users focus on the mission objectives rather than flying an aircraft.


SharkFin is based on STANAG 4586 and can control any compliant UAV. Many SharkFin workstations can run simultaneously on a network, allowing many users to share control of aircraft and payloads during a mission. Every user has access to streaming payload video, and can control payloads through simple mouse clicks directly on the geo-referenced video display.


• User-Friendly Interface
• 3D Mission Planning
• Advanced Decision Aids
• Shared Situational Awareness
• Optimization Algorithms
• Flight Prediction/Simulation
• LOS, FOV, FOR Footprints
• Predict Lost Comms
• Avoid Acoustic Detection
• Avoid Radar Detection
• Multi-UAV Control

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