Thermal Protection - Space Age Tech for Earth Applications

Space Age Technologies for Down to Earth Applications


From the searing heat to the bitter cold, our thermal protection materials defend aircraft structures in extreme environments ensuring reliability and durability. Lockheed Martin Space provides materials for aircraft and space vehicles including use aboard NASA’s InSight Mars lander and previously on the Space Shuttle External Fuel Tank.

By protecting platforms in the most extreme environments, our fire protection and thermal management materials can extend the useful life of aircraft structures. We specialize in both ablative materials and topcoats for commercial and military use.

We provide technical assistance for efficient, cost effective solutions to thermal control problems, including production selection, material processing, and application techniques. Novel Application materials are continually being developed based on specific user requirements. Lockheed Martin insulating materials are currently referenced in BMS 10-102, PWA 36752, GE A50TF122 & RMS-039 specifications for aircraft engine nacelle, thrust reverser fire protection and helicopter cowlings.

Spacecraft and Launch Systems


MA-25S® Ablative Material: This medium density, room temperature curing ablator/ insulator has been used extensively for thermal protection on aircraft and space launch vehicles. 

SLA-220 Thermal Protection System: This low density, RF-transparent ablator/ insulator is available as a molded panel.  It can be bonded to primed substrates with silicone adhesives using vacuum bag pressures. 

Commercial and Military Aviation


MI-15® Ablative Material: This low density, room temperature curing ablator/ insulator has been used extensively for thermal protection on aircraft and launch vehicles. 

MI-15® Topcoat: This tough, fiber filled elastomeric material extends the life of thermal protection materials. The MI-15® Topcoat is durable and abrasion resistant, providing outstanding protection of the underlying insulation against hot hydraulic and other aircraft fluids.

High Temp Electrically Conductive Material: This room temperature curing ablative silicone coating is electrically conductive up to 950ºF for short term service.  This material is used as an electrical ground material for external surfaces that have an insulative silicone coating.

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