Deep space is not for the faint of heart, and neither is this bold, new fragrance for the people of Earth. Humans have always dreamt of exploring our universe and today we make part of that dream a reality. Created by the engineers at Lockheed Martin, this out-of-this-world scent blends metallic notes to create a clean scent with a sterile feel, balanced by subtle, fiery undertones that burn off like vapor in the atmosphere

No one knows space like the people of Lockheed Martin. For more than 60 years, we’ve designed spacecraft destined for the Moon, Mars and beyond. We have built 11 Mars-bound orbiters and landers, 60 percent of GPS satellites in orbit, weather satellites that predict severe storms, and advanced satellites and ground systems that keep troops in the military securely connected to global networks.

No one is better suited to develop the preferred fragrance for tomorrow’s explorers. We’ve seen, touched and for the first time ever, we can smell space. Our engineers worked with Tony Antonelli, former Astronaut and Space Shuttle pilot, who is now on the Orion program at Lockheed Martin, to create a scent that transcends our planet and brings the essence of space down to Earth.


Lockheed Martin is synonymous with space - a vital, visionary leader in the industry. We know space better than anyone, and that’s why we’re the first company to bottle the “smell of space.” We have leveraged our rich history of exploration, and our dedication to share what we have learned, to help make everyone who wears this fragrance feel like an astronaut. We are proud to bring you Vector. It's the smell of space.


Thank you for playing along with our “Smell of Space” prank. While our April Fools’ Day joke was not real, the work we do in space exploration is. Hope you follow our journey to bring humans to the Moon, Mars and beyond. 

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Alex Walker