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Lockheed Martin builds the technology that gets things done in space. Exploring the solar system. Predicting the weather. Delivering precise GPS. Detecting and defeating missile launches. At Lockheed Martin, we don’t just think big thoughts. We get things done. 


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Foreign Object Debris Program

In the aerospace industry, Foreign Object Debris (FOD) also known as Foreign Object Damage costs billions of dollars in the form of schedule delays, rework, injuries, and product losses – a bit of debris lodged in the right place could be enough to drop a rocket right out of the sky. The full impact of FOD is difficult to measure, as often times FOD will cause other defects/damage as it migrates within an assembly, creating additional costs that may not be captured. Ultimately, the biggest cost of FOD is your company’s reputation – delivering products that are not FOD-free sends the message that you do not have control over your manufacturing processes or that you don’t care about the product’s performance.

The Foreign Object Elimination (FOE) Program is responsible for the development and management of processes and procedures that will mitigate the generation and damaging effects of FOD. This includes the implementation of training programs, collection and analysis of data from incidents and/or findings, and the continual monitoring of FOE Program activities and personnel.

For more information on the Foreign Object Elimination Program, please click here.

Quality Assurance

The Space Quality Assurance team uses an Electronic Data Supplier Submittal (EDSS) tool which adds an automated submittal process to Enterprise capabilities including:

  • More efficient tracking and management of required data submitted by Suppliers
  • Increased traceability
  • Audit history, personal assignments, e-mail notifications
  • Enhanced online communication channels between Supplier and Lockheed Martin Space
  • Online Data availability 24/7/365

In order to utilize the EDSS tool, suppliers may work with the EDSS sponsor Mical Franklin or their Lockheed Martin Space representative obtaining access through AccessLM. Once obtained, please download and reference the EDSS Guide for training and assistance necessary to ensure a smooth transition.