Space Documentation

Space Flowdowns

253-01 Special Provisions - Quality (5/16/24)
253-02 Special Provisions - PO (3/6/23)
Supplier Guidance to Request Source Inspection
Counterfeit Work Definitions

Other Terms and Conditions

17 (2/21) Gen Provisions Fixed Price - Government Construction Subcontract
ESH-PO-001 (12/18) LMSSC Contractor ESH Requirements
FPCC-1: Fixed Price Construction Contract (5/19)
FPDC-1: Fixed Price Design Contract (5/19)
TMCC-1: Time and Material Construction Contract (5/19)
Time and Material Design Contract (5/19)

Subcontract Terms and Conditions
LE-1 (11/89) - Leased Equipment (with Third Party Financing)

Space-based Infrared System (SBIRS)

SBIRS004 (3/26/13)     
SBIRS005 (3/21/13)
SBIRS006 (7/7/14)

Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD)

THAAD018 (3/18/05)

Valley Forge Flowdown Documents

VF010 (9/10/20)

Packaging Specifications

Name Title           Name Title
LPS-40-001       General Requirements Specification   P-105        One Part Cleaned/Packaged to Specific Requirements
P-1000 Packaging Design Coordination Document   P-106 Bearing/Bearing Assemblies Packaging
P-1 Identical Parts Interleaved in Neutral/Greaseproof Paper/Placed in Box   P-107 Packaging/Transportation - Radioactive Materials
P-2 Noncoilable Material, Lines, Tubing, Rod, etc., in a Tri-Tube Container   P-108 Special Package for Insulating Blankets - with or without TCS
P-10 One Part Wrapped/in Plastic Bag and Placed in Box   P-109 Special Package for Transmission Lines
P-12 Standard Packaging Material List for LMSSC Shipping Facilities   P-110 Kudl-Pak Container
P-14 Military Method II (Water-Vaporproof with Desiccant)   P-111 Packaging of Explosives for Storage at the Santa Cruz Facility
P-15 Bulk Pack Identical Parts in Box   P-113 Special Package for Solar Cells
P-21 Identical Parts in Partitioned Container   P-114 Heat Pipe Extrusion Requirements (Non-Hazardous)
P-30 One Part in Plastic Bag within a Box   P-115 Microelectronic Chips
P-31 One Item in Either a Wrap or a Bag   P-116 Packaging of Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive Devices, Parts and
Component Assemblies and Protection from Field Forces
P-32 Identical Parts Within a Bag or Box   P-117 Graphite Epoxy Prepreg Materials Requiring Refrigeration
P-33 One Part in Plastic Bag with Stiffener   P-118 Special Package for Alumina Substrates
P-34 One Item in Either a Cushioned Cell Wrap or a Cushioned Cell Bag   P-119 Individual Package Beam-Lead Devices
P-38 Military Method IA (Water-Vaporproof Barrier)   P-120 Kit Packaging - Collection or Grouping of Item for Installation/Assembly
P-39 Performed Rubber O-Ring, Packing, Seals Requiring Waterproof Packaging   P-121 Packaging, Marking, Loading For Haworth Office Furniture Dividers
P-40 General Requirements and Commercial Packaging   P-122 Courier (Hand Carry) Shipment/Delivery
P-41 Packaging of Inbound Hazardous Shipments   P-123 Packaging of Electronic Devices and Components for
Automated and Batch Assembly
P-43 Identical Parts with Ends Sealed or Placed in Sealed Plastic Bag   P-124 Packaging of Magnetic Tapes
P-50 Multiple Parts in a Carton or One Component in Special Container   P-125 Packaging of Electronic Surface Mount Components for
Automatic Placement
P-51 Parts (Selected Quantities) in Wood/Corrugated Box   P-126 Precision Parts Protected with/without Sleeves
P-52 Packaging of Large Equipment, Consoles, Structure, etc.,
in Wood Crates, Open or Closed Style
  P-127 Packaging of Electronic Chassis
P-53 Parts (Selected Quantities) on a Pallet   P-128 Packaging for Electronic Consoles
P-54 One Part Placed Between Stiffeners   P-129 Sheeted Prepreg Material (Refrigerated)
P-55 Reusable Cases and Tool Containers   P-130 Special Package for Multilayer Matrix Modules
P-57 Metallic Sheet and Plate on Skid or Sandwiched Between Corrugations   P-131 Packaging for Printed Wiring Board (PWB)
P-70 Special Carrier Package for Integrated Circuits and Semiconductors   P-132 Packaging of Non-ESDS Devices, Parts and Component Assemblies
P-71 One Part per Plastic-Blister Package (Not Reuseable)   P-133 Packaging of Active & Passive Bare Die and Chips
P-72 Special Carrier Package for 40 - 60 Lead Flat Pack Substrates Assemblies   P-134 Shock and Vibration Indicators and Recorders
P-76 Continuous Strip Blister Package   P-135 Packaging of MIL-STD-1835 Compliant Electrical Devices (ICs and FPGAs)
P-80 One Part in Heat-Sealed Plastic Bag (within a Box Dependent on Part Size)   P-201 Special "Thermal Control Surface" Labels
P-81 Packaging Honeycomb Sheets   P-202 Special "Microelectronics" Labels
P-101 Multiple Parts in Partitioned Container   P-203 Unit Package Marking and Labeling for Traceability/Control
P-102 Delicate Part Cushioned within Container (Cushioning Detailed)   P-204 Shipping Care Label for SSD High Value Hardware
P-103 One Part Cushioned in Plastic Box   P-205 Labels for Helium, Argon and Nitrogen Cylinders