Skunk Works® Legal Notice

Skunk Works® Legal Notice

The marks SKUNK WORKS® and the Skunk Logo are registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and in many other countries, in connection with a wide variety of goods and services.

Now owned by Lockheed Martin Corporation, the marks were first used during World War II and are still used today. These marks represent the goodwill associated with the birthplace of many famous aircraft, as well as the research and development capability and cultural mindset that even today make the impossible happen.

Lockheed Martin honors the service of the many dedicated men and women who have contributed to the fame of the Skunk Works® marks through vigilant preservation of these marks and the brand equity they represent. Thus, these marks may not be used by others on their own goods and services without prior written approval by Lockheed Martin. Learn more about our licensing program.  



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