Littleton, CO

Autonomous Systems in Littleton, Colorado, has over three decades of experience in research and application of independent decision-making capabilities on robotic vehicles and systems. Employees focus on three core competencies — perception, planning and control  to create robust and dependable products across its platforms.

The Autonomous Systems team has three key business areas:

Unmanned Airborne Systems — demonstrated ability in air systems, particularly in rotorcraft technologies. Capabilities include:

  • Collaborative Operations
  • Tactical Autonomy
  • Intelligent Reconnaissance
  • Multiple Platform Operation by Single Operator
  • High Level Task Planning
  • Tracking Multiple Targets
  • Continued Operations in GPS-Denied Access Environments

Unmanned Ground Systems — proven excellence in ground vehicles and the intelligent systems that manage them. Features include:

  • Obstacle Detection and Avoidance
  • Feature Classification
  • Vehicle Detection and Tracking
  • Automated Convoy Operations
  • Pedestrian Detection and Tracking
  • Ability to Operate on Various Terrains
  • Route & Path Planning
  • Cooperating in Collaborative Operations

Surveillance & Security — leading innovative development in unsupervised surveillance and tracking. Capabilities include:

  • Behavior Analysis
  • Motion Clutter Analysis & Rejection
  • Threat Classification
  • Multiple Sensor Input
  • Multi-cue Detection
  • Adaptive Tracking
  • Feature Classification
  • Collaborative Tracking & Handoff


Site Lead
Timothy Schulteis
General Manager/Site Lead

New Business Opportunities
Karl Clauser

Denver International Airport

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Environmental, Safety and Health

The Environmental, Safety and Health (ESH) Policy of Missiles and Fire Control is to operate our facilities in a regulatory compliant, responsible manner that protects the environment and surrounding communities, commits to pollution prevention and prevention of occupational injury and ill health, conserves natural resources, and provides a safe and healthful workplace for employees, contractors and visitors. The policy requires employees to:

  • Integrate ESH considerations into strategic business decisions, engineering design, procurement, facilities management and production.

  • Continually improve the environmental aspects and safety and health performance of our business and incorporate establish and review ESH goals in applicable performance measurements.

  • Cultivate ESH responsibility by all employees at all organizational levels and those who work on behalf of and under the control of the company.


8000 Southpark Way, Bldg 2
Littleton, CO 80120