Lockheed Martin's Office of Australian Industrial Participation (OAIP) works to support Australian industry by identifying and advancing business opportunities within the Lockheed Martin global supply chain. The OAIP has been established under an agreement between the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) and Lockheed Martin Australia.

The OAIP identifies potential opportunities for Australian firms and facilitates entry into the US defence market by providing specialised market assistance, regulatory compliance expertise, and an applicable range of relevant training. Additionally, the OAIP works with the CASG and other Commonwealth agencies to address any barriers that may adversely impact Australia's ability to access bidding opportunities.

Opportunities for Australian industry include:
- Defence
- Non-defence
- Research & development
- Support & training

About the Lockheed Martin Global Supply Chain (GSC) Program

On 1 February 2012, the Chief Executive of Lockheed Martin Australia, Raydon Gates, signed on behalf of Lockheed Martin Corporation, an Annexe to its January 2011 Global Supply Chain (GSC) Deed with the Australian Government. The Annexe provides a pathway to the creation of a new cooperative business development environment for Australian-based suppliers to gain access to the Corporation’s global supply chain.

Under the terms of the Annexe, Lockheed Martin has established a dedicated team in Australia and the United States to research Australian industry capabilities, and match these with identified business opportunities for Australian companies, especially small to medium-sized enterprises, into Lockheed Martin global supply chains, including those of its principal partners. This dedicated team, known as the Lockheed Martin Office of Australian Industrial Participation (OAIP), will identify and evaluate business opportunities according to best value benchmarks set against other globally competitive options.

The OAIP is committed to a long-term partnership with Australia and will work diligently to developing a globally competitive Australian industrial base.