Building a Secure Future

Through commitments to local industry, Lockheed Martin Australia is helping to support the economy and integrate Australian technologies into the Commonwealth’s Australian Government’s platforms and systems. 

We invest in partnerships with Australia’s research and industry communities to support our local and global supply chains, providing opportunities for technology transfer, innovation, local skilled jobs and sustainable business growth.


Lockheed Martin Global Supply Chain Program

Since the inception of the Lockheed Martin Global Supply Chain program in 2012, we have awarded approximately $62 million in contracts to Australian companies.


> More than 50 Australian companies have participated in the F-35 program, with a total contract value of more than $1 billion.


> The total potential value of F-35 related contracts for Australian companies is estimated to be up to $2 billion by 2023.


> In partnership with Australian-based Electro Optic Systems Pty Ltd, we are developing a new space object tracking site in Western Australia.


Office of Australian Industrial Participation

Through our Office of Australian Industrial Participation (OAIP) we’re looking for world class solutions in:

  • Defence
  • Non-defence
  • Research & development
  • Support & training


The OAIP is a dedicated team with staff in Australia and the United States who research Australian industry capabilities and match these with identified business opportunities for Australian companies, especially small to medium-sized enterprises, into Lockheed Martin local and global supply chains, including those of its principal partners.

We identify and evaluate business opportunities for Australian firms according to best value benchmarks set against other globally competitive options by providing:

  • specialised market assistance
  • regulatory compliance expertise
  • a range of relevant training

We work with the Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) and other Commonwealth agencies to address any barriers that may adversely impact Australia's ability to access bidding opportunities.