Halifax-Class Modernization

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01 A 30-year Legacy of Capability and Commitment   ___

For more than three decades, Lockheed Martin Canada has demonstrated its capability and commitment to the Royal Canadian Navy as the Prime Contractor and Combat System Integrator for the Halifax-Class Frigates.

Awarded in 2008, the HCM contract started with a complete design phase. The company worked in partnership with the navy and shipyards on both east and west coasts to replace major critical sensors, command and control systems, modernize the operations room and deliver a suite of related simulation/training systems.

Modernized ships have returned to the fleet and are now conducting Canada's important missions. Lockheed Martin Canada continues to manage the highly complex and multi-dimensional program through:

  • Proven naval combat system integration experience and a vast resource base of expertise
  • Direct experience with the deployed combat system
  • World-class ship integration experience
  • Tight collaboration with the Royal Canadian Navy, shipyards, subcontractors and design agent
  • Verified open architecture systems, enabling rapid technology insertion to meet future operational requirements
Halifax-class main gun
02 Combat Management System: Designed with State-of-the-Art Tools   ___

Data Collection

  • Audio Capture
  • Video Capture
  • Non-audio Video Capture
  • Non-audio Video Viewer
  • Audio Playback
  • Video Playback


  • Non-real-time Database
  • Real-time Database
  • System Starter
  • System Controller
  • Time Management
  • Health Management
  • Common Services

Situational Awareness

  • Local Data Fusion
  • Global Data Fusion
  • Local ID Fusion
  • Global ID Fusion
  • EW Track Management
  • UWW Track Management
  • AWW Sensor Management
  • System Track Management
  • Sensor Alignment
  • Threat Evaluation

Tactical Operations

  • UWW Tactics
  • ASuW Tactics
  • Doctrine Management
  • Stateboard Management
  • Mission Data Management
  • Air Asset Management

Human-Machine Interface

  • Tactical Situation Area
  • Auxiliary Display Management
  • Session Management
  • LSD Management
  • Alarm Management
  • User Input

Tactical Execution

  • Engagement Coordination
  • Engagement Management
  • Kill Assessment
  • AAW Engagement Planning
  • ASuW Engagement Planning
  • UWW Engagement Planning
  • AWW Engagement Execution
  • UWW Engagement Execution
  • Manual Engagement Support

Sensor Adaptation

  • NDDS
  • MET
  • SMART-S Radar
  • X-Band Nav Radar
  • S-Band Nav Radar
  • 2D IFF
  • 3D IFF
  • ESM
  • HMS

Weapon Adaptation

  • CIWS
  • Weapon Veto
  • Fire Control
  • ESSM
  • 57 mm Gun
  • MASS
  • Torp

Information Exchange Adaptation

  • GCCS-M
  • Multi-LINK
  • AIS

Embedded Trainers

  • SETT
03 Collaborative Approach to Reduce Project Risk   ___

In developing and delivering our modern, world-class solution to the fleet, our team created an environment that encouraged open and transparent communication.

This collaboration supported joint success for all stakeholders. The early insight to schedule and technical performance allowed the navy to respond appropriately—adjusting critical activities and taking action to reduce risk as needed.

HMCS Ville de Quebec
04 Strength in Execution   ___

The skill and depth of our Canadian workforce continues to drive results for the RCN. Our foundation of a proven naval systems engineering team is strengthened by:

  • Reaching into the vast naval technology resource base across Lockheed Martin Corporation worldwide
  • Using our experience and investments to grow Canadian business and technology, to develop high-value jobs, subcontracts and capability within the country
  • Leveraging talent cultivated in local universities and technical schools.
05 Complex and Diverse Naval Integration Capability   ___

Our System Integration approach reduces risk and ensures installed performance meets the customer requirement expectations.  Lockheed Martin Canada’s use of an open architecture design is a core solution that adapts to a variety of sub systems for the naval environment.

Our capability includes:

  • System Engineering including baseline and performance management
  • Sensor and weapon performance modeling and analysis
  • Operator, maintenance and support staff integration and training. 
  • Ship compartment and top side design including ship services and signatures
  • ILS Engineering and delivery management
  • Installation management and support
  • Integration, Test and Performance Validation including ship trails.  
  • Shore based facility design and management.
  • Data, Configuration and Publication Management including team communication
Halifax-class ice
06 Delivering Value with Integrity   ___
Halifax-class wake

Our team conducted an extensive competition and review of internationally available technology to satisfy the requirements for the modernized Halifax-Class. Fifty-seven subcontractors were solicited for solutions to seven major subsystems.

This approach demonstrates a commitment to delivering a best-in-class, low-risk and cost-competitive solution. Lockheed Martin Canada is a trusted and credible CSI partner.

We couldn't have done this without our tremendous partnership with the Canadian shipbuilding industry. Lockheed Martin Canada has taken care of all the integration software and combat management systems – a truly critical aspect of the modernization process.
The Honourable Rob Nicholson
Minister of National Defence
07 Systems Poster   ___



08 More Naval Products and Programs   ___
Jun 01, 2023
Integrated. Interoperable. All-Domain.
Lockheed Martin Canada is partnered with prime contractor Irving Shipbuilding Inc. to deliver Canada's new Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ships as part of the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.
CMS 330 is a derivative of a Lockheed Martin Canada legacy product that was developed in Canada in the 1980’s for the original build of the Royal Canadian Navy’s HALIFAX Class ships.