SkyKeeper - Ground Based Air Defence Capability

SkyKeeper is a fully flexible and adaptable BMC4I solution for the digital battlespace. It is a key Battlespace Situational Awareness, Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD), C-UAS and CRAM C2 capability, which can be integrated with almost any type of effector, both kinetic and non-kinetic, providing automated engagement solutions across all threat spectrums. SkyKeeper acts as the single source of truth in a complex battlespace where multiple sensor and other information sources must be carefully coordinated to work together for best effect, where achieving the right level of situational awareness, intelligence and engagement capability for the Land Commander is a crucial discriminator.

SkyKeeper is currently the BMC4I component of the UK MoD’s Land Environment Air Picture Provision (LEAPP) capability and has been in service since December 2014, excelling on deployed operations. Furthermore, SkyKeeper’s in-built Sense and Warn system provides an operationally proven, advanced and deployable base protection capability, that was successfully deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, where it provided 24/7, high availability, high reliability protection of UK and Allied Forces.

Currently ITAR-free, SkyKeeper will be advanced as the BMC4I backbone for Lockheed Martin’s new ‘GBAD Family of Systems’ concept; effectively a single integrated GBAD solution designed to be interoperable with multiple modern, future, and legacy systems, sensors, and effectors. However, SkyKeeper’s potential utility does not stop there; it has the capability of performing the C2 task for a host of additional battlespace missions and requirements that would see it grow and evolve into the BMC4I spine for land forces and beyond, playing an important role in the Joint Effects and Air Land Integration arena, whilst enhancing wider MDI/MDO.  In summary, SkyKeeper is an operationally ready and cost effective BMC4I capability that meets the ever changing threat and operational requirements for Allied nations.





Multiple Form Factor

SkyKeeper is also available in various form factors, designed to meet our customers’ specific requirements and operational needs.


SkyKeeper Command

Tactical Operations Centre; Operator consoles installed in an ISO container, fixed building or location.


SkyKeeper Manoeuvre

Fully integrated into military vehicles’ operating systems through the General Vehicle Architecture.


SkyKeeper Flex

Ruggedised Laptop and server case configuration; fully transportable and rapidly deployable using any type of vehicle.

Ability to operate from austere locations, semi-prepared buildings or tented facilities.


SkyKeeper Edge

Tablet / iPad data for use by the dismounted soldier.



Land Environment Air Picture Provision (LEAPP) is a UK sovereign Command and Control (C2) capability developed for the British Army by Lockheed Martin UK to provide a Recognised Air Picture (RAP) into the land domain. By ensuring the right data, is presented at the right time, and in the right place, LEAPP provides operators at all levels with the ability to efficiently and effectively coordinate, plan, decision make and strike.

LEAPP is an operationally proven capability that exchanges real time data via multiple Digital Data Links (DDLs), including Link 16 (the military’s tactical data link network used by NATO) and can seamlessly plug into the wider UK defence digital backbone. The upgraded system that now uses SkyKeeper software and core Publish and Subscribe ‘Plug and Play’ architecture, brings operational advantage, enabling military platforms across multiple domains to exchange a tactical picture in real-time; LEAPP has now become a real game changer in the battlespace as a true Multi Domain Integration enabler. Read more about LEAPP here: