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Lockheed Martin UK provides key UK Ground Based Air Defence capabilities through its SkyKeeper product.

In a complex battlefield where multiple assets must be carefully coordinated to work together for best effect, achieving the right level of situational awareness for the Land Commander is a crucial discriminator. The capability is a fully scalable system from early entry small form factor, to a large scale wide area networked system. The integration of advanced ground radars with real-time data from air surveillance assets in the SHORAD/VSHORAD domain provides system operators with a fused picture, coupled with a dedicated suite of decision support aids.

The system backbone is a comprehensive communication suite that provides high connectivity and includes combat net radio, trunk networking, Link 16 tactical datalinks, encrypted satellite communication and ground to air voice communications, and its own voice communication system.

SkyKeeper is the BMC4i component of the UK MoD’s Land Environment Air Picture Provision programme and has been in service since December 2014 A further key capability is the SkyKeeper Sense and Warn system that provides an operationally proven, advanced and deployable base protection capability by detecting and classifying incoming ballistic projectiles, and then alerting threatened personnel.

Sense and Warn system was successfully deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan for where it provided 24/7, high availability, high reliability protection of the UK Forces.  Its high detection and low false alarm rates were proven factors in harsh conditions. 

Besides developing and fielding the system quickly to meet an Urgent Operational Requirement Lockheed Martin has provided training, logistic and engineering support both in the UK and in the field on deployed operations.