SkyKeeper - Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) capability

SkyKeeper is designed and developed by Lockheed Martin in the UK.  It is a fully flexible and adaptable Battle Management Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (BMC4I) solution. It is a key Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) capability which can be integrated with almost any type of effector, both kinetic and non-kinetic, providing automated engagement solutions across all threat spectrums. SkyKeeper acts as the single source of truth in a complex battlefield where multiple assets must be carefully coordinated to work together for best effect, where achieving the right level of situational awareness, intelligence and engagement capability for the Land Commander is a crucial discriminator.

SkyKeeper is currently the BMC4I component of the UK MoD’s Land Environment Air Picture Provision programme and has been in service since December 2014. A further key capability is the SkyKeeper Sense and Warn system that provides an operationally proven, advanced and deployable base protection capability by detecting and classifying incoming ballistic projectiles, and then alerting threatened personnel; it was successfully deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, where it provided 24/7, high availability, high reliability protection of the UK Forces.

Currently ITAR-free, SkyKeeper will be advanced as the BMC4I backbone for Lockheed Martin’s new ‘GBAD Family of Systems’ concept; effectively a single integrated GBAD solution designed to be interoperable with multiple modern, future, and legacy systems, sensors, and effectors, as well as allied GBAD assets; an operationally ready and cost effective BMC4I capability that can evolve with the ever changing threat and requirements of allied nations.