Advancing the UK National Space Strategy

The UK is ready to move beyond immediate military and civil missions to new pathways in human knowledge and endeavours in space. Lockheed Martin has decades of domain expertise and the future-focused capabilities to help our partners get there.

We're committed to playing our part in helping the government to achieve its ambition to make the UK one of the most prosperous and capable space sectors in the world.


But going to space is just the beginning.

It's what we do when we get there that matters most...

Connected. Protected.

Experience and progress show we’re ready to be the UK's mission partner of choice for strategic deterrence.

We know that threats are redefining themselves faster than ever. Resiliency and security in space extends well past anti-jam or other technology solutions, and into how these systems should be operated when integrated into bigger, coalition architectures. 

So from never fail systems to resilient networks, we bring decades of leadership designing, engirneering and sustaining space solutions that are crucial to national defence.

Achieving in space takes tenacity.

We've been driven by space exploration for over half a century. In our high bays and advanced technology centres, we've created an engine of innovation that continues to push for – and make possible – the permanent expansion of humanity into our solar system and beyond. 

Whether near term and close to the Earth or building a future path to the Moon and Mars, Lockheed Martin is applying its crewed space mission expertise to longer stays among the stars.

We recognise that success also depends on bridging industries to tap into the technology, talent and investment needed to increase deterrent capability and continue to be a positive member of the UK space sector. While investing to bring vertical launch capability to Scotland and deepening research collaborations with UK universities, we provide world-class technology and services across defence, space, communications and information technology.

Bold ideas are new realities.

Opportunities to revolutionise space exploration and development are not only unlimited for Lockheed Martin and our partners, they are quickly becoming reality. The articles below explore several pioneering capabilities being developed by our Space organisation, told from the insider perspectives of the employees spearheading them.

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