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Going to space is just the beginning. It’s what you do when you get there that matters most. 

We’ll take you out of this world to get an inside look at some of the most challenging and innovative missions and how they are shaping the future of space development and exploration. From artificial intelligence and self-healing structures, to space mining and colonization, you’ll hear from our experts and visionaries about what space could look like 30, 40 and even 50 years from now.

Season One: Live Episodes

Build It: Faster, Better, Cheaper

Deep space exploration can be a high-stakes venture, and any failures can be costly, setting you back years. In an era of significant budget cuts, learn how JPL and Lockheed Martin innovated ways to make spacecraft faster, better, cheaper that changed the future of building spacecraft for deep space exploration.

We "flash forward" with a segment looking at what that future may look like 50 years from now. An expert discusses how digital transformation, using AI and machine learning algorithms to process high-rate data, and even self-healing structures will be instrumental in accomplishing the missions of the future.   

A Match Made in Space: OSIRIS-REx and Bennu, Part I

In this episode , we look at a match made in Space between an asteroid named Bennu and a cutting-edge spacecraft named OSIRIS-REx. Bennu, an asteroid larger than the Empire State Building, is an ancient relic of our solar system with more than 4.5 billion years of history to share. OSIRIS-REx, a cutting-edge spacecraft built by Lockheed Martin, launched in 2016 on a mission to meet Bennu for an extraterrestrial rendezvous. 

We launch into a special look at this unexpectedly rocky relationship and what scientists could learn from Bennu’s samples that OSIRIS-REx is bringing back to Earth. Stick around for our flashforward with experts discussing what it will take to "untether" humans from Earth in the future.


A Match Made in Space: OSIRIS-REx and Bennu, Part II

We continue our inside look at the incredible mission to collect a sample from an asteroid that is sailing through space 200 million miles away. In part two, we sail through space towards the asteroid Bennu and hopefully, by the end of the show, we'll have a sample.

With our expert, we'll take a deeper dive to into what the future may look like because of OSIRIS-REx, and what it will take to have sustained colonies on the Moon and even Mars. 

Lucy: In the Sky with Asteroids

We're bringing you a story about a groundbreaking mission named Lucy, set to launch in October of 2021. This mission will visit and study a record number of Trojan asteroids, which are some of the oldest objects in our solar system.

It takes an incredible amount of work to plan a mission to one location in deep space, but planning a mission to visit seven Trojan asteroids is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

We take you behind the scenes with the engineers and scientists to learn how they have broken this new ground and then “flash forward” to advanced mission designing to examine what new possibilities we can accomplish in the future.

Interstellar: Deep Space Travel

The life-sustaining jewel of the Artemis program, Orion is the only spacecraft rated for human deep space flight. Designed to meet the needs for a 3-day mission to the Moon or a 3-year journey to Mars, the Orion spacecraft is uniquely suited to protect astronauts in the most extreme conditions

Join us for a behind-the-scenes peek into the engineering of the spacecraft that will take the first woman and next man to the Moon. We'll also explore what deep space travel might look like for humans in the future.

Stranger Things: The Case of the Spitting Asteroid

Space is a fascinating and mysterious place that often redefines science as we know it. And this couldn’t be more true than with the asteroid Bennu. As the spacecraft OSIRIS-REx got close to this ancient interstellar object, they started noticing something strange happening. Listen to today’s bonus episode to hear why scientists think this peculiar event is happening and what we learned.

Image Credit: NASA, Goddard, The University of Arizona

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