Products and Capabilities for Poland

Discover the Sikorsky BLACK HAWK®, a versatile combat helicopter for military missions and civilian use. Explore more at Lockheed Martin.
Discover the C-130J Super Hercules, a versatile cargo aircraft for military and humanitarian missions.
Discover the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the world’s most capable 4th generation multirole fighter. Explore Lockheed Martin’s advanced fighter capabilities.
Explore the F-35 Lightning II, a leading stealth fighter equipped with advanced sensors and supersonic speed. Learn more at Lockheed Martin.
The HIMARS rocket launcher is a flexible, affordable, and highly effective mobile artillery system designed to meet the demands of the modern battlefield.
Unleash Precision: JASSM, the powerful and proven long-range cruise missile, delivering unmatched air-to-ground capabilities for U.S. and allied forces.
Discover the Javelin, a portable and effective missile defense system, ideal for countering medium-range antitank threats.