Mission Autonomy Execution Software Toolkit for Robust Operations (MAESTRO)


MAESTRO Collaborative Autonomous Search

Mission Autonomy Execution Software Toolkit for Robust Operations (MAESTRO) is a reusable framework/toolkit for mission level autonomy that enables autonomous vehicles to adapt to various mission environments, mission requirements, sensor information, and human/robot teammates.

MAESTRO’s onboard software for collaborative autonomous search enables multi-domain search/surveillance by creating coordinated unmanned vehicle (UxV) paths that maximize the efficiency of searching for a target using a heterogeneous team of autonomous vehicles.

  • Uses information-theoretic strategies to ensure efficient information collection by UxV teams

  • Tight coupling of planning with sensor performance models that are a function of sensor properties, vehicle state, and dynamic environmental conditions

  • Automatically adapts in-situ without additional coordination (e.g., to account for lost/ malfunctioning assets)


Team of HETEROGENEOUS AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES coordinate to efficiently search an area given knowledge of sensing performance?
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