Cognitive Command and Control



CogC2 provides customized, real-time, neurophysiological workload assessment.

Improving the health, happiness, and productivity of your skilled workforce by monitoring, analyzing, and managing their workflow.





Safety / Manufacturing

Reduce injury rates by identifying signatures indicative of fatigue or inattention before an incident occurs.

Efficiently monitor employee physiological status and well-being while working in closed, isolated, remote, or HAZMAT contaminated spaces.


Vigilance / Air Traffic Control

Manage operator workload to optimize productivity while avoiding burnout and employee turnover.

Adjust methods according to individual differences in stamina and workload capacity.


Team Optimization / Workforce Planning

Optimize loading distribution across a team of employees with different levels of experience and kinds of training.

Understand the performance cycles of individuals and teams.


Accelerated Learning / Training

Adjust material to optimally challenge the individual student.

Increase an instructor’s capacity to provide targeted feedback by auto-identifying challenge points for each student.



CogC2 is a service that provides our customers with an understanding of the cognitive demands and bottlenecks facing their employees so they can optimize their workforce for increased productivity and improved employee satisfaction. Our service consists of four steps:

  1. Map the cognitive landscape of your work environment
  2. Design a sensor suite best suited to meet your company’s challenges
  3. Install the system within your work environment either for one-time, periodic or ongoing assessments
  4. Provide analytic support for full-spectrum assessments

Cognitive Landscape Mapping

The process begins with our team understanding the cognitive challenges facing your workforce:

  • Are you trying to avoid inattention errors that lead to injury?

  • Would accelerated training eliminate staffing challenges for a skilled workforce?

  • Would an optimized distribution of skills and capabilities improve consistency of your product line?

  • Would you like a way to objectively measure the benefit of a new software tool or method?

We tailor the approach to your need and to the nature of your employee’s tasks.

Our team characterizes the cognitive challenges facing the human in your environment including an assessment of which cognitive systems employees use most, from working, short and long-term memory systems, to vigilance, attention control, reasoning and/or problem solving.

This characterization includes consideration of operational/work tempo and the implications of workplace errors, such as high-stakes decision making.


Customized Sensor Suite

Once we understand your challenge and the cognitive landscape of the work environment, we select appropriate sensors with the required measurement fidelity. We consider:

  • Assessment speed, precision, and accuracy requirements. Some solutions call for near-real-time moment-by-moment assessment and others require only a one-time evaluation with offline data analysis. This includes consideration of data transmission and bandwidth limitations.

  • Data privacy protections and standards, and other protections. We customize our algorithms to each individual, and we use online baselining methods in cases where we cannot save a user profile. When using a cloud-based analytic platform, we provide methods for de-identifying data behind password protected access controls.

  • Physical considerations such as working position and motility that may affect some signals. For applications where highly technical work is being performed in a seated environment, we may use non-invasive neural imaging equipment such as electroencephalogram (EEG) whereas in a mobile environment such as a factory floor we use hardened “wearables” such as optical and electrical measures of heart rate and heart rate variability.


System Installation

Our team assembles the customized sensor suite and adapts the data output options to your organization's needs and preferences. We provide:

  • Data collection

  • System operation and support

  • Easy-reference user manuals and in-person training options to enable your team to use the system independently of our support

Whether your goal is to capture data and trends over time, or to observe moment-by-moment changes, we customize data storage, access, and reporting to your needs and include options ranging from secure two-point authenticated cloud based methods to local repositories for data storage and management.


Evaluation Assessments

We provide a number of analytic options from a customized graphical user interface that provides near real-time feedback on a moment-by-moment basis, to a one-time assessment that identifies and provides solutions for key cognitive bottlenecks facing your workforce.

Whatever the outcome, our team of cognitive scientists and software engineers can help your team consider specific solutions to address issues associated with:

  • Inattention

  • Careless error

  • Decision fatigue

  • Chronic stress

  • Myriad additional workplace challenges to maximize productivity, efficacy, and employee satisfaction


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