General Student Information / FAQs

General Student Information / FAQs


Pilot Training:

Training courses are conducted in the English language, and all written material will be delivered in English. It is required that pilots be able to read, write and communicate in English to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) level 4 English language proficiency standards in order to meet the FAA verification process. Provide proof of this requirement thirty (30) days prior to commencement of training.

Pilots and crewmembers must have a good safety record and current unrestricted flight medical certificate. All flight documents must be presented in English or translated for review to ensure approvals are in place prior to training.

Maintenance Training:

Excellent comprehension skills and command of the English language is necessary. This requires the student to have the ability to write and communicate in English to an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) level 4 English language proficiency standard.


Flight Courses:

Successful completion is dependent on the student attending a minimum of 95% of all course sessions. A performance-based flight evaluation will be administered by a Sikorsky qualified flight instructor prior to course completion, in which the individual must demonstrate proficiency.

Upon successful completion of the flight training, Sikorsky will submit a Certification of Completion to the pilot or crewmember.

Maintenance Courses:

Successful completion is dependent on the student attending a minimum of 90% of all course sessions. Students will participate as directed in all practical and academic exercises.

Upon successful completion of the maintenance training, Sikorsky will submit a Certification of Completion to the technician.


All training will be conducted in accordance with current U. S. State Department approvals and provisos. Accordingly, training will be limited to aircraft, subsystem operation, and maintenance.

Doctrines and mission tactics will not be included in the instruction.

Sikorsky does not permit audio or video recordings of training courses or technical data by any customer. Training syllabi and curriculum documents are considered Sikorsky proprietary information and as such are not for replication or reissue.

Online Training:

Train with our industry leading subject matter experts via our Learning Management System (LMS). Our standard online training courses are designed to offer a web-based solution that guides the student through training utilizing the expertise of an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Instructor. The flexibility of web-based training is ideal for training at a distance and can be completed from anywhere in the world.

Online sessions require a minimum of five (5) participants. Course open enrollment closes 30 days prior to the scheduled course start date. Confirmation emails will be sent to all students confirming the minimum enrollment requirement has been met and the course start date. If the minimum enrollment requirement is not met, student’s enrollment will automatically role to the next scheduled course date.

Campus Learning:

Train with our industry leading subject matter experts at our Training Academy located in Jupiter, Florida. Our facility offers classroom, lab, and hangar space allowing maintenance and pilot instructors to provide OEM expertise on aircraft maintenance and operation procedures.  


How far in advance can I sign up for a course?

All online courses scheduled for the current year can be found on our calendar. Enrollment is available for any course listed. If you wish to schedule a course or date which is not listed on the calendar, please contact us to request additional information.

Will I get a confirmation email?

Confirmation emails are sent upon successful registration of a class. These letters contain important information regarding the course as well as instructions on logging into the online course. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive it.

Can I change my class after I have already registered?

If you need to change your class once you have signed up, please contact us.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please contact us to discuss our cancellation policy.

Will I be able to review my course material after completion of the course?

Reference material is available for download upon enrollment of each online course. Material can be saved to a personal device or printed at the desire of the student.

How do I sign up for online training?

You can sign up for a course by visiting our website at Sikorsky Training Academy | Lockheed Martin. Access the course listing, review, and select your course of choice, then select request information link.

What is the schedule for online courses?

Online training course schedules vary by subject. Upon successful registration and confirmation that the minimum student requirement has been satisfied an email will be provided outlining the course schedule.  

How soon upon completion of the online course can I schedule my practical session?

Both the online course and practical sessions can be scheduled at the same time. However, you must complete the theoretical session before attending the practical session on campus.

How do I register for the practical session?

There are multiple ways to register the practical session. You can select the practical session that you would like to attend by choosing from our list of courses in our course catalog, or you can contact us for additional information.

Do you conduct offsite practical sessions?

Please contact us to discuss off site training requests.

Does the Sikorsky Training Academy offer on campus training?

To arrange on campus training contact us to discuss training requests.


What International Airports are conveniently located near the Sikorsky Training Academy?

West Palm Beach International (PBI) – 26 Miles

Fort Lauderdale International (FLL) – 74 Miles


Does the Sikorsky Training Academy provide transportation to and from the hotel?

No, transportation to and from the Sikorsky Training Academy is the responsibility of the attendee. 


Sikorsky Training Academy – Jupiter, FL

17900 Bee Line Hwy Building 15 Jupiter, Florida 33478

What are the class hours for on campus courses?

08:00 am - 04:00 pm (Monday-Friday); Flight schedules, including NVG flights, may vary outside these hours.

Are training materials provided?

All training materials and tools required for training are furnished by the Academy. Training materials are provided to the customer on the first day of class.

Aircrew members are required to provide their own flight suit, gloves and flight- approved boots. Harnesses and flight helmets are provided for the duration of the training by the Academy.

Are lunches provided?

The Academy provides complimentary lunch, as well as coffee and tea for all on campus training. Additionally, vending machines with soft drinks and snacks are located throughout our facility and student lounge.

Are smoking and tabaco products allowed on campus?

No.  Smoking and tabaco products are not permitted while at the Sikorsky Training Academy.

What is the dress code for on campus training?

Casual clothing such as jeans are acceptable. Tank tops and shorts are not permitted. For your safety, please be advised that only covered shoes are allowed.

What are the Security Regulations?

You are required to provide your passport and US Visa (if required for entry into US) or your US ID to enter our facility. All hand-carried items are subject to inspection by the security guard. An identification badge will be issued on the first day of class and must be worn at all times while at our facility. Please do not enter any other Lockheed facilities without permission.

No photographs or videos are allowed while at the Academy.  This includes the surrounding Lockheed Martin facilities.

As a defense contractor installation, visits by guests or family members (including young children) are prohibited.

When will I be provided a Class Schedule?

Your instructor will give you your class schedule on the first day of training.

What Medical Services are provided?

If you become ill during training, please notify your instructor, who will help arrange transportation to the nearest medical facility. Please be aware that private treatment will be at your expense. If you become ill during the day and cannot attend class, please notify your instructor. For all medical emergencies, call 911.

Are Overhead Cranes used at the Academy?

Yes. The lab is equipped with an overhead crane. In the event of crane use, do not enter the crane operating envelope.

Is Personal Protective Equipment provided?

The Maintenance Training Lab requires use of certain personal protective equipment in some classes. Safety glasses are required on the hangar floor.  Safety glasses are available to students.