Climate Intelligence

Our vision is to deliver proven environmental intelligence to strengthen preparedness, security and resilience.

Since developing the world’s first weather satellite in 1960 (TIROS-1), Lockheed Martin has built and launched more than 100 Earth observation and weather satellites, providing a continuous look at our planet’s ever-changing landscape, weather and climate. Expanding from this legacy, we are leveraging our expertise in disciplines like Earth observation, remote sensing and artificial intelligence to address our intensifying climate challenges. 

The Lockheed Martin Climate Intelligence team utilizes data to create derivative products that help our customers better understand, predict and respond to climate challenges across the globe.

Our Climate Capabilities and Services

From the beginning of weather forecasting, Lockheed Martin has contributed advanced weather technologies across the board.


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partial view of Earth from orbit showing heat signatures, winds and more related to climate intelligence
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partial view of Earth from orbit taken from a satellite


Our Climate Intelligence Experts

Laura Champion
Global Business
Focus Areas: Global Partnerships
Dr. Mike Gauthier
Climate Intelligence Sr. Manager
Focus Areas: Meteorology, Atmospheric Physics, Lightning, Decision Support
Lewis Groswald
Government Affairs Sr. Manager
Focus Areas: Public Policy
Dr. Gina Hamilton
Sr. Research Scientist
Focus Areas: Meteorology, Arctic, AI/ML
Amy Havis
Climate Intelligence
Focus Areas: Agriculture, New Partnerships
Dr. Seth Jonas
Weather & Earth Science
Focus Areas: Space Weather and Resilience Applications of Space-Based Observations
Sajit Jumani
Climate Intelligence
Focus Areas: AI, Ignition Potential
Dr. Lora Koenig
Principle Research Scientist and Associate Fellow
Focus Areas: Remote Sensing, Arctic
Anjani Ladhar
Climate Intelligence
Focus Areas: Digital Twins, Emerging Markets
Dr. Lynn Montgomery
Staff AI Research Engineer
Focus Areas: Meteorology, AI/ML, Digital Twins, Remote Sensing
Dr. Dylan Powell
Weather & Earth Science Sr. Manager
Focus Areas: Operational and Scientific Earth Observing Missions
Dr. Radek Uberna
Weather & Earth Science
Focus Areas: Operational & Scientific Earth Observing Missions