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We value the contributions of the military community and are proud that 20% of our team is made up of veterans and military community members. Your expertise and commitment significantly enhance our mission to safeguard our nation and its allies.

Recognizing the unique challenges of military life, we offer benefits and programs to support your success. Whether you are a transitioning veteran, an active-duty spouse, or a caregiver seeking full-time employment, SkillBridge programs, or fellowships, we have resources to help you navigate our recruitment process.


Military Community Resources   ___
Our Continuing Your Mission (CYM) network is designed for military community members interested in working at Lockheed Martin. By enrolling, your qualifications will be reviewed by our military relations managers, who will match you with suitable roles and guide you through the recruitment process.
We encourage all members of the military community seeking employment at Lockheed Martin to enroll in the CYM program for dedicated support and opportunities.
The Lockheed Martin Heroes Program supports members of the military community looking to gain valuable civilian work experience by participating in internships, SkillBridge opportunities, or other fellowships.
We offer structured training to prepare participants for meaningful careers beyond military service.
Our team of Military Relations Managers is dedicated to supporting all members of the military community interested in transitioning into careers at Lockheed Martin. Each manager is a veteran from various branches of the military, bringing a deep understanding of its unique culture. They provide tailored guidance and partner with military candidates throughout the recruitment process, assisting with every step of the way.
With over 2,000 active members from all corners of the military community, our MilVet business resource group is dedicated to providing mutual support and fostering meaningful connections. We actively recruit new members from the military community to join our organization, ensuring that their unique skills and experiences contribute to our success. Together, we strengthen our community, advance our mission, and create a supportive environment for all.
Recognition   ___


2023 HIRE Vets Platinum Medallion Award

This prestigious award from the U.S. Department of Labor recognizes our successful efforts in recruiting, hiring and retaining veterans.



HireVets Medallian Award

2023 Forbes - America’s Best Employers for Veterans List

Veterans, reservists, and military spouses comprise well over one-fifth of our employee base.

2023 MilVets Leadership Forum

2024 Military Friendly® Employer Award

The Military Friendly® Designation is awarded to companies that are committed to being Better for Veterans and are an example to American companies.


Military Friendly Bronze Award

Our dedication to the military community doesn't stop at creating diverse career opportunities; it extends into the communities where we live and work.

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